10 Facts about Crude Oil

Saturday, May 7th 2016. | Science

Let me show you the interesting Facts about Crude Oil in the below post.  The crude oil is used as the main material to create different types of fuels. Crude oil is formed geologically underneath the surface of earth. This natural occurring material is available in yellow to black color. People often call crude oil as petroleum.

Facts about Crude Oil 1: the components of crude oil

Can you mention the components of crude oil? It has hydrocarbons and organic compounds.

Facts about Crude Oil 2: the formation of crude oil

The dead organisms like algae and zooplanktons form crude oil. They are buried under the sedimentary rocks for a very long time in high quantity.

Crude Oil Pic

Crude Oil Pic

Facts about Crude Oil 3: the usage of crude oil

Crude oil is used to create different kinds of products. It can be used to create pharmaceuticals, plastics, asphalts, petrol, and other types of consumer products.  The crude oil should be refined and separated before it can be used to create the intended product.

Facts about Crude Oil 4: the consumption of crude oil in the world

It is estimated that 90 million barrels of crude oil is consumed globally every single day.

Crude Oil Image

Crude Oil Image

Facts about Crude Oil 5: the negative impacts

Even though crude oil can be used to create various consumer products, it also has negative impacts for earth. Some negative impacts include the presence of pollutants released on the air. The global warming is also affected by the burning of fossil fuel. An accident related to crude oil is the oil spill. Get facts about BP Oil Spill here.

Facts about Crude Oil 6: the chemical structure

The hydrocarbon chains with different lengths are the main component in crude oil.  It has the heterogeneous chemical structure.

Crude Oil Facts

Crude Oil Facts

Facts about Crude Oil 7: fuel

The primary product from crude oil is fuel. But it can be made into other products such as paraffin wax, bulk tar, asphalt, sulfuric acid, wax, alkenes, aromatic petrochemicals, and lubricants. Find facts about coal here.

Facts about Crude Oil 8: agricultural productivity

The improvement of agricultural productivity cannot be separated from crude oil because it can be used to create pesticides and fertilizers.

Crude Oil

Crude Oil

Facts about Crude Oil 9: the production of heavy crude oil

Canada and Venezuela led the production of heavy crude oil in 2008.  If the crude oil is taken from the oil rich deposit, it can be extracted using various techniques such as open pit mining, steam injection and steam gravity drainage.

Facts about Crude Oil 10: the component of heavy crude oil

The heavy crude oil should be distilled so that the industries can get different products. They can get methane pentane and naphtha in the light distillates.

Facts about Crude Oil

Facts about Crude Oil

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