10 Facts about Cruise Ships

Saturday, May 7th 2016. | Transportation

A passenger ship mainly used for pleasure is explained on facts about cruise ships. The passengers will be taken to various destinations. They can enjoy a wonderful experience because the ship is filled with a lot of amenities. The water tourists are impressed with the service in cruise ships because of the exclusive amenities. There is no need to wonder that a cruise ship is one of the important aspects in tourism industry. Here are other interesting facts about cruise ship to note:

Facts about Cruise Ships 1: the number of passengers

In 2011, there were more than 19 million passengers enrolled in the cruise ships. The industries earned around U.S.$29.4 billion.

Facts about Cruise Ships 2: the development of cruise ship tourism

The water tourism using cruise ship is increased from time to time. Most people on board are from Europe and North America. Since 2001, the number of cruise ships has been added to serve the various customers.

Cruise Ship Pic

Cruise Ship Pic

Facts about Cruise Ships 3: the older cruise ships

The older cruise ships were used by the small market tourism in Asia Pacific.

Facts about Cruise Ships 4: the largest cruise ship

Do you know the largest cruise chip in the world?  The record is taken by Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas. It is 2 inches larger than Oasis of the Seas. The record will be defeated if Harmony of the Seas will be used in 2016. The design is 2.15 meters larger than Allure of the Seas.

Facts about Cruise Ships

Facts about Cruise Ships

Facts about Cruise Ships 5: cruise lines

Cruise line is the operator of cruise ship. They have two roles. The cruise line involves in the leisure entertainment business and transportation business.

Facts about Cruise Ships 6: the unstable business

If you check the history of cruise ship business, it has been unstable from time to time. The cost of the ship and operation is very high. If the company does not get full bookings, they can end up in bad financial issue.

Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships

Facts about Cruise Ships 7: the travel trend

To keep the cruise ship in trend, the company decides to rename and renovate it. The ships should have routine maintenance to make it work well. Check facts about canals here.

Facts about Cruise Ships 8: the specialties

Look at the specialties offered in a cruise ship. The tall ships are always operated by Star Clippers and Windstar Cruises. The 50 years old people who want to enjoy cruising can pick Saga Cruises.

Cruise Ships Images

Cruise Ships Images

Facts about Cruise Ships 9: the largest cruise line operators

Star Cruises, Louis Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, MSC Cruises and Carnival Corporation & plc are some largest cruise line operators in the world. Get facts about covered wagon here.

Facts about Cruise Ships 10: the amazing amenities

The hospitality staffs are available in the cruise ships. There is no need to wonder that it makes you live like in a floating hotel.

Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

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