10 Facts about Crusades

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Facts about Crusades present the information about a series of wars. At that time, Jerusalem and Holy Land were controlled by Muslims. The Christians of Europe tried to take over the lands. During the middle Ages, Jerusalem was considered as a significant site for various religions in the world.  It was considered as the site where Muhammad rose to heaven for Muslims. It was believed that King Solomon built the temple of God in the Jerusalem. On the other hand, Christians considered it as an important site because it was the site where Jesus Christ was crucified. Get other interesting facts about crusades below:

Facts about Crusades 1: who fought in Crusades ?

Jerusalem was controlled by the Arabs. They had to fight against the armies of Europe who tried to capture Jerusalem. Most European armies were from Holy Roman Empire.

Facts about Crusades 2: the first Crusades

The European armies consisted of commoners, peasants and knights during the 1st crusades. They had around 30,000 soldiers. They had different reasons to be engaged in the first crusades. Some of them wanted to go to the heaven because the fight had something to do with religious belief. Others wanted to improve the skill, rank or wealth.

Crusades Image

Crusades Image

Facts about Crusades 3: the beginning of crusades

The first crusades began when the Turks who controlled the land forbade the Christians to do pilgrimage in the site in 1070.

Facts about Crusades 4: Byzantine Emperor Alexius I

Byzantine Emperor Alexius I wanted to get rid of the Turks who controlled the land by asking a help from Pope. The Franks and Holy Roman Empire decided to help Byzantine Emperor after Pope gathered the army.

Crusades Facts

Crusades Facts

Facts about Crusades 5: the long war

Crusades were considered as a very long war for it lasted for more than 200 years. The initial crusades took place in 1095.

Facts about Crusades 6: the most successful crusade

The most successful crusade is the first crusade. It took place in 1095 until 1099. Jerusalem was under the control of armies of Europe after they expelled the Turks.

Facts about Crusades

Facts about Crusades

Facts about Crusades 7: The Second Crusade

In 1147 until1149, the second crusade took place, but it was not successful. The Turks earned victory to control the city of Edessa in 1146. Find facts about Coventry Blitz here.

Facts about Crusades 8: the third crusade

King Richard the Lionheart of England, King Philip Augustus of France and Emperor Barbarossa of Germany were the leaders in the third crusade which took place in 1187 until 1192.



Facts about Crusades 9: King Richard

King Richard was considered as the Lionheart of England. Even though he was not able to take over Jerusalem, he got the right to make pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Facts about Crusades 10: Pope Innocent III

Pope Innocent III hoped that he was successful to retake Jerusalem. Therefore, he led the fourth crusade which took place in 1202 until 1204. Check facts about Crimean War here.

Crusades Pic

Crusades Pic

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