10 Facts about Crush

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Facts about Crush present the information about the kitten love, calf love or puppy love. The young people experience the infatuation or romance when they are young. Therefore, crush is considered as an informal feeling of love. It usually takes place during the adolescence or childhood. Have you ever experienced crush before? It must be an amusing story to share. Here are some interesting facts about crush to note:

Facts about Crush 1: the love interest

The word crush can be used to call the love interest in long term or even short term.

Facts about Crush 2:  puppy love

Crush is often called as puppy love. The term is used because love interest resembles the affection of a person to their puppy. It is considered as worshipful and adoring type of affection.

Crush Pic

Crush Pic

Facts about Crush 3: the comparison of crush and romantic love

If you compare romantic love and crush, the latter one is also defined with a transient and shallow type of love.

Facts about Crush 4: the power of early love

Crush can be seen as a sign of early love. If you underestimate it, you should think twice. The famous Sigmund never underestimated the power of first love.



Facts about Crush 5: the maturing process

During the maturing process, crush is very important. It makes the girls and boys realize a special feeling for other people.

Facts about Crush 6: the object of crush

Peer is the common object of crush experienced by girls and boys. However, a child may have crush for an adult.

Crush Image

Crush Image

Facts about Crush 7: a crush for an adult

A crush for an adult can be seen from a student is fond of her or his teacher. The puppy love case can be seen on a child to older celebrities, actors, stars, parents of their friends and older friends. When the person develops a crush, they will spend more time to fantasize and have daydream. Find facts about courage here.

Facts about Crush 8: the fantasies

The fantasies that they have are varied. But most of them have the common fantasies to marry their crush one day or to have a first kiss with them.

Crush Love

Crush Love

Facts about Crush 9: individualism

The sense of individualism is perceived when a person experiences a puppy love. It is considered as the first moment for them to love other people differently. Check facts about creativity here.

Facts about Crush 10: puppy love in popular culture

Puppy love is considered as a unique phenomenon in human being’s life. There is no need to wonder that it inspires many people to create a song about it. One of them is Bow Wow. In 2001, he released “Puppy Love” song.

Facts about Crush

Facts about Crush

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