10 Facts about Crustaceans

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Facts about crustaceans inform us about a group of arthropods. The members of this group are barnacles, krill, shrimp, lobsters and crabs. The size of crustaceans can be very small into a bigger one. This group has around 67,000 identified species of crustaceans. The big one can reach the weight at 44 lb or 20 kilogram. The leg span can reach 12.5 feet or 3.8 meter. On the other hand, the small one can have the length at 0.004 inch or 0.1 mm. Check other interesting facts about crustaceans below:

Facts about Crustaceans 1: the aquatic animals

Most crustaceans can be found living in the aquatic waters.  However, some of them can be sessile, parasitic and terrestrial.  Barnacles are the sessile crustaceans, while woodlice are a terrestrial crustacean. Tongue worms, fish lice and Rhizocephala are some parasitic crustaceans.

Facts about Crustaceans 2: the human consumption

Crustaceans are important for life of human. The people do farming and fishery to get crustaceans to serve the human consumption. Most crustaceans consumed by human are prawn and shrimp.

Crustacean Facts

Crustacean Facts

Facts about Crustaceans 3: science

If you are interested to know more about crustaceans in detail, you can be a carcinologist. You will be able to learn about carcinology. It is a science about crustaceans.

Facts about Crustaceans 4: the reproduction of crustaceans

The sexual reproduction occurs in most crustaceans. However, cephalocarida, remipedes and barnacles are hermaphrodites.



Facts about Crustaceans 5: the eggs

Crustaceans produce eggs. Some of them release the eggs when they are ready to hatch. Before the releasing process, the crustaceans will hold the eggs. There are various mechanisms of crustaceans to secure the eggs. A brood pouch is used by notostracans and anostracans to hold the eggs.

Facts about Crustaceans 6: the female branchiura

Female Branchiura have their own mechanisms related to the eggs. They will use objects and rocks to attach the eggs.

Crustacean Pictures

Crustacean Pictures

Facts about Crustaceans 7: the larva form

Before it reaches adulthood, crustaceans will experience several larval forms. Nauplius is the earliest form of larvae. Check facts about crayfish here.

Facts about Crustaceans 8: the smallest known crustaceans

Stygotantulus stocki is considered as the smallest crustacean. The length is 1 micrometer.

Facts about Crustaceans

Facts about Crustaceans

Facts about Crustaceans 9: Japanese spider crab

Japanese spider crab is considered as the biggest crustacean. It has 12 foot leg span. Find facts about blue crabs here.

Facts about Crustaceans 10: the production of crustacean

In 2007, there were 10,700,000 tons of crustaceans produced. Most of them were prawns, crawfish, shrimps, lobster and crabs.



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