10 Facts about CS Go

Monday, May 9th 2016. | Entertainment

Let me show you the interesting information about an online first-person shooter on Facts about CS Go.  CS GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The developers of the game are Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. On 21st August 2012, CS Go was released in various platforms such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X and Microsoft Windows. In September 2014, CS Go was released in Linux version. CS Go is the 4th game released in the market. Here are other interesting facts about CS Go to notice:

Facts about CS Go 1: the multiplayer game

The developers had the intention to create cross platform multiplayer. Therefore, the players of CS Go who used PlayStation 3, Linux, OS X and Microsoft Windows could play together.

Facts about CS Go 2: the classic content

The content of CS Go is classic. It can be seen from the game modes, characters, new maps and classic maps.

CS Go Game

CS Go Game

Facts about CS Go 3: the input control methods

USB keyboard/mouse, PlayStation Move and DualShock 3 controller are the three input control methods available in PlayStation.

Facts about CS Go 4: how to play the game

CS Go is a multiplayer first person shooter game. You have to remove the enemy team after you join the Counter Terrorist or Terrorist team.

CS Go Facts

CS Go Facts

Facts about CS Go 5: the end of the game

If all players at one side are dead, the game ends because we have the winners. CS Go is a short round game. If you are dead when you play the game you can respawn but you have to wait until the end of the round.

Facts about CS Go 6: the money

The player will receive the money that they can use to buy equipment and weapons. The amount of money received by each player is determined by their performance during the game.

Facts about CS Go

Facts about CS Go

Facts about CS Go 7: the positive and negative action

If you kill the hostage or a teammate, the money will be reduced from the player. You can earn more money if you do positive action such as killing the enemy. The same amount of money will be given to all players when the round ends. However, if you are a player from a winning team, you can get more money. Find facts about COD here.

Facts about CS Go 8: the firebomb

The firebomb is considered as a new weapon in the CS Go. It is not found in the previous version of Counter Strike. On the Counter Terrorist Side, it is called Incendiary Grenade. On the terrorist side, it is called Molotov.

CS Go Pictures

CS Go Pictures

Facts about CS Go 9: the game mode

CS Go is available in five game modes. Those include Demolition, Bomb Scenario, Classic Casual and Competitive, Hostage Scenario and Arms Race. Get facts about Crossy Road here.

Facts about CS Go 10: Deathmatcho

On 12th November 2012, the creator added Deathmatcho. You only need 10 minutes to play this additional game.

CS Go Pic

CS Go Pic

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