10 Facts about CSI

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Look at the following Facts about CSI if you want to know the notable American procedural drama TV series.  On 6th October 2000, CSI was aired for the first time on CBS. After it was aired for 15 seasons, the show ended on 27th September 2015. During the first CSI, the stars of CSI include Marg Helgenberger, William Petersen, Elisabeth Shue, Laurence Fishburne, and Ted Danson.

Facts about CSI 1: Anthony Zuiker and Jerry Bruckheimer

Jerry Bruckheimer is a famous producer in the industry. He was interested with Anthony Zuiker’s works in 1990s since he wrote a movie script.

Facts about CSI 2: a series

Zuiker believed that the script could be elaborated into a series. Bruckheimer decided to have a meeting with Touchstone Pictures. The concept was rejected by FOX, NBC and ABC. However, CBS considered the script and did it.

CSI Facts

CSI Facts

Facts about CSI 3: the audiences

CSI was a popular TV series not only in United States, but also in the world. In 2009, there were 73.8 million audiences of CSI.

Facts about CSI 4: the commercials

Due to the popularity of CSI among audiences, a 30 second commercial was priced at $262,600 in 2008. Check facts about Criminal Minds here.

Facts about CSI

Facts about CSI

Facts about CSI 5: the spin off series

There are three spin off series of CSI. Those are CSI: Cyber, CSI: NY and CSI: Miami.

Facts about CSI 6: the most popular episodes

Some of the famous episodes of CSI are “Frame by Frame”, “Mascara”, and Ch-Ch-Changes.

CSI Series

CSI Series

Facts about CSI 7: Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry exhibits several items related to CSI. Due to its high popularity, there are some video games and a book series of CSI released in the market.

Facts about CSI 8: the awards

In 2002, CSI was considered as the second most watched TV series in United States.  The 2002/2003 season of CSI made the series reached the top place. In 2012, CSI gained the title as the most watched show for the 5th time. It was awarded with International Television Audience Award by Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo 3 times.



Facts about CSI 9: the review

The review of CSI is generally positive. The opening season of CSI only earned mixed review. Find facts about Counter Strike here.

Facts about CSI 10: criticism

The sexual content, images and graphic violence in CSI were criticized by the public. The forms of sexual pleasure and fetishism were depicted in CSI.

CSI Pictures

CSI Pictures

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