10 Facts about Cuba

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One of the prominent countries in the world is explained on Facts about Cuba. Cuba is composed of Island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud and other small islands. The largest city in the country is Havana. Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba are the other major cities in Cuba. It has the area at 42,426 square miles or 109,884 square km. There are 11 million people who live in the country. Check other interesting facts about Cuba below:

Facts about Cuba 1: the original inhabitants

The original inhabitants of Cuba were the Amerindian tribes. In the end of 15th century, it was colonized by Spanish people.

Facts about Cuba 2: as a colony of Spain

Cuba became a colony of Spain. In 1902, Cuba became a de factor United States protectorate following Spanish–American War of 1898.

Cuba Image

Cuba Image

Facts about Cuba 3: the democratic system

The democratic system was encouraged in the country even though it was considered as a fragile republic at that time. However, it was led Fulgencio Batista in 1952. He rose as a dictator. In January 1959, Batista was expelled from his leadership. Fidel Castro took his place.

Facts about Cuba 4: Communist Party of Cuba

Communist Party of Cuba has controlled the government since 1956. One of the important events in Cuba is Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. At that time, the nuclear war between United States and Soviet Union nearly took place after Soviet Union placed their nuclear in Cuba.

Cuba Facts

Cuba Facts

Facts about Cuba 5: the cultural diversity

The cultural diversity of Cuba is totally impressive because of the multiethnic people.  The contact with Soviet Union, Spanish colonialism, Ciboney peoples, aboriginal Taino and African slaves made up the cultural diversity.

Facts about Cuba 6: the government system

Cuba is a republic country controlled by Marxist-Leninist one party system. The constitution was made based on Community Party.

Cuba Pic

Cuba Pic

Facts about Cuba 7: the economy of Cuba

The economy of Cuba is centered on coffee, tobacco and sugar exports. Talking about education and health care, the country has the high rank. Check facts about Costa Rica here.

Facts about Cuba 8: after 1959 revolution

There were various programs established by the Cuban government after 1959 revolution. The programs include music, ballet, sport and free education for all people.



Facts about Cuba 9: the music of Cuba

If you hear the music of Cuba, you will know the cultural expression of the people. Son is considered as the central musical type in the country.

Facts about Cuba 10: Cuba in 1990s

In 1990s, the central area of rap scene in the country is located in Havana. The pop and rock music is also popular in the country. Check facts about countries in Europe here.

Facts about Cuba

Facts about Cuba

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