10 Facts about Cuban Culture

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If you are interested to study about culture, check Facts about Cuban Culture.  The Cuban culture is set up from the mixture of indigenous American, African and European culture and custom. The African and European origins can be traced back on the popular music, dances and instruments in the country. Innovation of Cuban music was derived from the Canary Islanders and Spanish people who lived on small farms to plants tobacco and the African slaves who lived in sugarcane plantations. That’s based on the explanation of the Mexican folklorist, Fernando Ortiz.

Facts about Cuban Culture 1: the percussive instruments

There were several types of percussive instruments invented by the African slaves and their descendants who lived in Cuba.

Facts about Cuban Culture 2: the Spanish contribution to Cuban music

Guitar is a proof of Spanish’s contribution to Cuban music.  The technique to compose music and create musical notation were also derived from Spanish people.

Cuban Culture Facts

Cuban Culture Facts

Facts about Cuban Culture 3: the cabildos

The cabildos is considered as the root of most forms of African Cuban music.  There were several major groups of cabildos. Those include Dahomey, Congolese, and Yoruba. Get facts about Chinese culture here.

Facts about Cuban Culture 4: the typical music of Cuba

Some types of Cuban music include the bolero, the habanera, the son, the punto, the guaracha and many more.

Cuban Culture Pic

Cuban Culture Pic

Facts about Cuban Culture 5: Cuban hip-hop

At first the Cuban hip hop was not welcomed by the government because it is always associated with America. Finally the music is accepted by all kinds of people.

Facts about Cuban Culture 6: sport

Sport is very important in Cuba because the leader of the country Fidel Castro loves sport. Castro likes to play baseball.

Facts about Cuban Culture

Facts about Cuban Culture

Facts about Cuban Culture 7: the Olympic Games

Due to the popularity of sport in Cuba, there is no need to wonder that their athletes are successful to compete in the Olympic Games.

Facts about Cuban Culture 8: the major sport in Cuba

If you think that football is the most popular sport in Cuba, you are wrong. People love baseball more.

Cuban Culture

Cuban Culture

Facts about Cuban Culture 9: the traditional food of Cuba

The traditional food of Cuba is the combination of African, Chinese, Caribbean and Spanish foods. Find facts about Cuba here.

Facts about Cuban Culture 10: the most consumed foods

Meat, rice, and black beans are some popular Cuban foods. One of the famous foods is criollo. It is rice combined with black beans.

Cuban Culture Pictures

Cuban Culture Pictures

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