10 Facts about Cuban Music

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If you want to know the history, type and style of music in Cuba, you need to look at the following facts about Cuban music below. The music of Cuba is very unique.  It is influenced by the presence of Spanish and West African music.  Actually it also affects the dance, performance and instrument of Cuba. Cuban music is rich and vibrant because it comprises different kinds of music. Here are other interesting facts about Cuban music to note:

Facts about Cuban Music 1: the native tradition

The original native tradition of music is hardly found in Cuban music. In 16th century, the native people had been killed.

Facts about Cuban Music 2: the popularity

Due to the unique style and musical instrument, Cuban music is very popular in the world. Due to the introduction of recording technology, people like Cuban music because it is a kind of a regional music.

Cuban Music Facts

Cuban Music Facts

Facts about Cuban Music 3: the contribution

Cuban music also plays a major part for influencing other musical styles and genres in Europe, West African, Caribbean and Latin America.

Facts about Cuban Music 4: example of the influence

The influences of Cuban music can be seen in soukous, salsa, rhumba, Africando, Afro-Cuban jazz and many more.

Cuban Music Pictures

Cuban Music Pictures

Facts about Cuban Music 5: who shapes Cuban music?

Some immigrants from different countries presented their music in Cuba.  The Spanish people went to Cuba and had their own music. The African slaves also came to the island and shaped their own music.

Facts about Cuban Music 6: Fernando Ortiz

Fernando Ortiz is an important folklorist from Cuba. He stated that Cuban music was formed by the Spaniards and African slaves.

Facts about Cuban Music

Facts about Cuban Music

Facts about Cuban Music 7: the African slaves and music

The music of African slaves was originated from the usage of rhythms and percussion instruments. Read Cuban culture facts here.

Facts about Cuban Music 8: drum

Drum is considered as one of the significant instruments. The people use bata drums, congas and bongos for Cuban music.

Cuban Music Pic

Cuban Music Pic

Facts about Cuban Music 9: the Chinese immigrants

The Chinese immigrants also affected the Cuban music. They introduced the usage of Chinese cornet or corneta china. Find facts about Cuba here.

Facts about Cuban Music 10: the Spanish contribution

Guitar was considered as the Spanish contribution to Cuban music.  Even though West African and Spanish music is the main contributor for shaping Cuban music, today, it is influenced by different kinds of music from around the globe.

Cuban Music Image

Cuban Music Image

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