10 Facts about Cuban Revolution

Wednesday, May 11th 2016. | History

Are you curious to know Facts about Cuban Revolution? You have to read the following post below. The revolution in Cuba took place in 1953 until 1959. The leader of the revolution was Fidel Castro. He did this armed revolution on 26 July Movement. At that time, Fulgencio Batista was the president of Cuba.  His government was backed up by United States. Castro tried to take over the power of Batista.  Let’s find out other interesting facts about Cuba Revolution:

Facts about Cuban Revolution 1: the beginning of Cuba Revolution

In July 1953, the Cuban revolution was started by Fidel Castro. On 1st January 1959, Batista’s power was decreased and the rebels were able to control Cuba. The revolutionary socialist state replaced the old government of Batista.

Facts about Cuban Revolution 2: The 26th of July Movement

The 26th of July Movement followed communism. In October 1965, this movement was transformed into Communist Party which ruled Cuba.

Cuban Revolution Event

Cuban Revolution Event

Facts about Cuban Revolution 3: the international impact

The revolution of Cuba had a major impact international. The relationship between Cuba and United States was reshaped. Today, both parties try to enhance the diplomatic relationship.

Facts about Cuban Revolution 4: after the revolution

Fidel Castro became the leader of Cuban after the revolution ended. He replaced Batista. He focused on the transformation of civil society and economy.

Cuban Revolution Event

Cuban Revolution Event

Facts about Cuban Revolution 5: the foreign military conflicts

There were several foreign military conflicts intervened by Cuba after its revolution. Its intervention could be seen in Nicaraguan Revolution and Angolan Civil War.

Facts about Cuban Revolution 6: after independence

In 1902, Cuba was independent from Spain. Then it entered an era where the country had various revolts and coups. The instability was spotted in various fields. Moreover, United States tried to intervene the issues in Cuba.

Cuban Revolution Facts

Cuban Revolution Facts

Facts about Cuban Revolution 7: Fulgencio Batista

Who is Fulgencio Batista? In 1940 until 1944, he was the president of Cuba after he won the election. He was a soldier before. Find facts about Cuban culture here.

Facts about Cuban Revolution 8: the second time as a president

In March 1952, Batista became the president of Cuba for the second time after he canceled the result of election in 1952. At that time, he earned authority in the military coup.  During the second term, the Cuban people did not like him due to his unpopular policy and dictatorship.

Cuban Revolution Pic

Cuban Revolution Pic

Facts about Cuban Revolution 9: the economy of Cuba during Batista’s rule

Batista allowed the economy of Cuba dominated by American companies. The local people were against his decision.

Facts about Cuban Revolution 10: the Community Party of Cuba

The Communist Party of Cuba gave him support in the first term. However, Batista became anti communist during the second term. Find facts about Cuba here.

Cuban Revolution

Cuban Revolution

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