10 Facts about Cuba’s Government

Thursday, May 12th 2016. | Politics

Look at the following post below if you want to know facts about Cuba’s Government. When people talk about Cuba, they always concern with the politic in the country. The Cuban Communist Party is the only political party in the country.  Cuba is recognized as an independent socialist republic. If you are interested to know more about Cuba’s government, check the below post:

Facts about Cuba’s Government 1: the leader of Cuba’s government

The famous leader of Cuba’s government is Fidel Castro. In 1976, he became the head of Cuba’s Government. He served for 49 years, but had to leave his power because of his poor health in 2008.

Facts about Cuba’s Government 2: the current head of government in Cuba

Raul Castro currently sits as the head of government in Cuba. Fidel Castro is his elder brother. Before he became the head of government, Raul served as the vice president for his brother.

Cuba's Government Facts

Cuba’s Government Facts

Facts about Cuba’s Government 3: MINFAR

MINFAR stands for Ministry of Armed Forces. Since 1980s, the government could not cover the expense for MINFAR. Therefore, MINFAR is considered as a self supported ministry.  It raises the fund by having a tourism company and growing their own agricultural food.

Facts about Cuba’s Government 4: the labor force

The government employs around 75 percent of labor force in the country. There is no need to wonder that the government controls the economy in Cuba.

Facts about Cuba's Government

Facts about Cuba’s Government

Facts about Cuba’s Government 5: how to leave Cuba

It was mandatory for the Cuban people to have an exit visa when they lived in another country until October 2012. However, the law is revised because the Cuban people will not lose their citizenship even though they stay outside the country for 2 years.

Facts about Cuba’s Government 6: the diplomatic relationship

There are several countries in the world which do not share diplomatic relationship with Cuba. Those include Israel, Czech Republic, United States, El Salvador, Costa Rica and South Korea.

Cuba's Government Pic

Cuba’s Government Pic

Facts about Cuba’s Government 7: the usage of internet

The usage of internet in Cuba is very strict. Not all people are allowed to use it. You will be imprisoned for at least 5 years if you offend it.

Facts about Cuba’s Government 8: Constitution of 1976

Cuba was considered as a socialist republic based on Constitution of 1976. Get facts about Cuban revolution here.

Cuba's Government Leaders

Cuba’s Government Leaders

Facts about Cuba’s Government 9: the Constitution of 1992

The Constitution of 1992 replaces the old Constitution of 1976. The social and political ideas of Lenin, Engels and Marx are used in the constitution.

Facts about Cuba’s Government 10: the relationship with United States

The relationship between Cuba and United States never goes well. Do you still remember with Cuban Missile Crisis? It was opposed by United States. Find facts about Cuban Missile crisis here.

Cuba's Government Images

Cuba’s Government Images

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