10 Facts about Cucumbers

Friday, May 13th 2016. | Plants

Facts about Cucumbers will give you more information about a plant included in Cucurbitaceae family. The scientific name of cucumbers is Cucumis sativus. Most people use cucumber as a vegetable. You can find cucumber plants growing in various areas in the world even though it is native to Southern Asia.  The primary varieties of cucumbers are available in three options. Those are burpless, pickling and slicing. Check other interesting facts about cucumber below:

Facts about Cucumbers 1: the plants of cucumber

Let’s find out the description of cucumber plant. When you want to grow cucumbers, make sure that you already install a supporting frame or trellis. It can be used to hold the creeping vines and fruits of cucumber. The fruits will be protected with the large leaves.

Facts about Cucumbers 2: the fruit shape

On average, the cucumber fruit has the diameter at 3.9 inches or 10 cm. The length is around 23 inches or 60 cm. It has tapered end and cylindrical shape.

Cucumber Pic

Cucumber Pic

Facts about Cucumbers 3: the classification

Whether you believe it or not, cucumber is included as a botanical berry. It is due to the presence of enclosed seed.

Facts about Cucumbers 4: the water

The water content of cucumber is very high. More than 90 percent of water is spotted inside the cucumber fruit.

Cucumber Food

Cucumber Food

Facts about Cucumbers 5: cucumber in United States

Cucumbers are mostly planted inside greenhouse in United States. The pollination can be conducted if the bees are included inside the greenhouse.

Facts about Cucumbers 6: cucumber in Europe

The bees are often expelled in some regions in Europe which plant cucumbers in outdoor areas. Before the blooming process of cucumbers, there are thousands of bees presented in the cucumbers fields for pollination.

Cucumbers Pic

Cucumbers Pic

Facts about Cucumbers 7: the producers of cucumbers in 2013

China produced 54.3 million of tonnes of cucumber in 2013. Other countries which also have major production of cucumbers are Turkey, Iran, Russia and Ukraine. Find cotton facts here.

Facts about Cucumbers 8: the nutrition of cucumbers

Cucumbers contain various kinds of nutrition. It has dietary fiber, sugars and vitamins.



Facts about Cucumbers 9: slicing cucumbers

The slicing cucumber is very popular in North America. The people will eat this unripe green cucumbers fresh. You can create pickles by using slicing cucumbers. Check facts about cranberries here.

Facts about Cucumbers 10: pickled cucumbers

Actually all varieties of cucumbers can be used to make pickles. But the pickling cucumber is the suitable one. It usually has irregular shape with thicker and shorter shape.

Facts about Cucumbers

Facts about Cucumbers

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