10 Facts about Cuddling

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Facts about Cuddling talk about a hug. It is considered as a common type of physical intimacy in human culture. When you cuddle, you can put your arm at the waist, back and neck of another person. Cuddling can occur in a group. Cuddling is not always linked with romantic love. It can be seen as a form of sympathy, brotherhood, friendship, familiarity and affection. Cuddling is considered as a type of non verbal communication. Here are other interesting facts about cuddling below:

Facts about Cuddling 1: indication

Cuddling can be used to indicate several states of mind such as consolation, comfort and support. When the words are not enough to say, cuddling is the best way to communicate. Read crush facts here.

Facts about Cuddling 2: the affection

When two or more persons cuddle or hug each other, their behavior reflects emotional warmth and affection.

Cuddling Pic

Cuddling Pic

Facts about Cuddling 3: when to cuddle?

Cuddle usually occurs in a special time. When you see a person after a very long time, you will hug him or her. When you are happy or sad, you cuddle to give support.

Facts about Cuddling 4: a non reciprocal cuddle

Cuddle should occur in reciprocal way so that both are comfortable each other. It indicates a relational problem when the hug is not reciprocal. Find facts about crying here.

Cuddling Images

Cuddling Images

Facts about Cuddling 5: how to cuddle or hug

Hugging and cuddling can be conducted in several ways. You can put the arm around the other person.

Facts about Cuddling 6: the length of cuddling

The culture and social state determine the length for cuddling. If you are with a lover, cuddles may occur longer. Moreover, both of them press their hips together. When two persons cuddle, it indicate that they are familiar.

Cuddling Facts

Cuddling Facts

Facts about Cuddling 7: best friends

When you are with common friends, handshake is considered as a common greeting. When you cuddle or hug them, it indicates that you are best friends. It shows a symbol of closer friendship.

Facts about Cuddling 8: the personal space

Some people feel uncomfortable when they have to receive the unexpected hug for the persons that they do not know.



Facts about Cuddling 9: hugging at the office

Hug should be avoided when you are at the office because not all people are comfortable with it.

Facts about Cuddling 10: the need of protection

Cuddling is also associated with the need of protection. When a child feels threatened, he or she will like to cuddle on the parents.

Facts about Cuddling

Facts about Cuddling

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