10 Facts about Cults

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The novel practices and beliefs conducted by a religious or social group are explained on Facts about Cults. Their beliefs and practices are deviant. Cult has been a controversial subject to discuss because it has different perspective related to the practices of a religion. It has been a subject in various sociological researches since 1930s. The sociologists focus more on the religious behaviors of cult members. Get other interesting facts about cults below:

Facts about Cults 1: the anti cult movement

The anti cult movement has been organized by several groups to oppose the growth of cults since 1970s.

Facts about Cults 2: controversy

The controversy is seen not only on the cult movement, but also on the decision of government to handle it as well as the presence of anti cult movement.

cult facts

cult facts

Facts about Cults 3: rejection of the word cult

The usage of the word cult was rejected by most scholars and socialists due to its negative connotation. They prefer to use the word alternative religion, novel religion or new religious movement rather than using the word cult.

Facts about Cults 4: the popular term

It seems that the word cult is more popular than the alternative terms.   The usage of the word cult can be found in various media and popular culture.

Cult pic

Cult pic

Facts about Cults 5: New Age religions

One example of cult is the new age religion.  Because of its deviant movement, the new age religion is called as a cult. Check facts about Confirmation here.

Facts about Cults 6: the first usage of the word cult

The people started to use the word cult for the first time in the beginning of 17th century. It was used to describe the homage paid for a divinity. However, the original meaning of this word actually is a system of ritual practice.



Facts about Cults 7: the size of cult

Since a cult is considered as a new religious movement, it is relatively small. Not all people are interested to join the cult because most of them think that their ritual beliefs and practices are weird. Find facts about creationism here.

Facts about Cults 8: the leader of cult

The leader of cult is not selected based on the election. He or she will be selected based on their wishes.

facts about Cults

facts about Cults

Facts about Cults 9: the criminal

Have you ever heard about Charles Manson? He was a criminal who became a leader of a cult.

Facts about Cults 10: mass suicide

There were several cults which ended with mass suicide. It can be seen in Heaven’s Gate, Order of the Solar Temple and Peoples Temple.

facts about cults

facts about cults

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