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Facts about Culture inform the readers with a set of customs, art, belief, habits, knowledge, laws, rules and moral. Some people consider culture as a way of life conducted by the people a certain time. Each country in the world has their own culture. The people who live in Switzerland will employ different culture from the people who live in China and Japan. It is very interesting to learn about culture due to the presence of diversity. Here are other facts about culture in various countries in the world.

Facts about Culture 1: culture of United States

The western culture is considered as the major culture in United States. It is also influenced by the Native American, African, Latin American, Polynesia, and Asian cultures.

Facts about Culture 2: the diversity of culture in United States

The diversity of culture in United States occurs because many people around the world migrated to the country.

facts about culture

facts about culture

Facts about Culture 3: the culture of Mexico

The culture of Mexico is a product of assimilation between Native American culture and Spanish culture. The Mesoamerican culture is considered as the dominant one.

Facts about Culture 4: the factors which affect the culture of Mexico

The culture of Mexico is affected by several factors such as location, religion, gender, social class and familial ties.

italian culture

italian culture

Facts about Culture 5: the Mexican cuisine

The Mexican cuisine is famous in the world. The local people use seafood, white meats, red meats, maize, avocados, chili peppers, herbs, nuts, squash, beans, and potatoes as the primary ingredients.

Facts about Culture 6: the popular Mexican foods

Tamales, atole, mole sauce, enchiladas, tacos and pozole are some popular Mexican foods. Find facts about Chinese culture here.

egypt culture

egypt culture

Facts about Culture 7: the African culture

The clothing, religion, folklore, language, music and cuisine in African reflect their culture.  The vegetables, cereal grains, meat, milk and fruit are used to create the African cuisines.

Facts about Culture 8: the religions and philosophy

Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Confucianism play an important role for sharing Asian culture.

culture pic

culture pic

Facts about Culture 9: Italy

There were various events started from the country such as European integration, Roman Catholic Church, Renaissance and Roman Empire. Get facts about Cuban culture here.

Facts about Culture 10: Japanese culture

Japanese culture is very popular in the world. The clothing style is unique with its kimono. The cuisine is also delicious. You can try teriyaki, ramen, tempura and sushi. Most Japanese people eat boiled vegetable, lean seafood and rice.

culture facts

culture facts

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