10 Facts about Cumberland Gap

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Facts about Cumberland Gap explain the narrow pass which goes along Cumberland Mountains. Cumberland Gap is housed inside Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. This pass was significant because it served as passageway of lower central Appalachians. Dr. Thomas Walker was a physician and explorer from Virginia who made people pay attention more to the presence of Cumberland Gap. Actually the passageway had been used by the Native American people in the past. Here are other interesting facts about Cumberland Gap:

Facts about Cumberland Gap 1: Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone was a leader of frontiersmen who explored the pathway. Thus, the people who wanted to reach Kentucky and Tennessee could use Cumberland Gap. He made this passageway accessible for the frontiers.

Facts about Cumberland Gap 2: Appalachian Mountains

When people want to reach Appalachian Mountains, there are many passageways that they can use. One of them is Cumberland Gap.  This pathway is very special for it is considered as the continuous one in the ridge line of Cumberland Mountain.

Cumberland Gap Pictures

Cumberland Gap Pictures

Facts about Cumberland Gap 3: the location of Cumberland Gap

The location of Cumberland Gap is at the border between Virginia and Kentucky. It is included as a part of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.

Facts about Cumberland Gap 4: the region around Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

You can spot sedimentary rock located around Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Due to the fall and rise of shallow seas, the carbonate mineral, sand, gravel, mud and silt are compacted and form sedimentary rock.

Facts about Cumberland Gap

Facts about Cumberland Gap

Facts about Cumberland Gap 5: the beauty of Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap is famous with its adorable beauty. Due to the uplift on the sedimentary rock, the area has special landscape. Read facts about Crater Lake here.

Facts about Cumberland Gap 6: the natural and beautiful landscaping features

Cumberland Gap has the beautiful steep cliffs, narrow ridges, natural gas and wonderful overlooks.

Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap

Facts about Cumberland Gap 7: the water

When you spot Cumberland Gap, you will see no water flowing on it. Therefore, it is included as a wind gap. The gateway to the west is marked by the presence of V shaped gap. Get facts about Creswell Crags here.

Facts about Cumberland Gap 8: the four seasons

The four seasons are experienced in Cumberland Gap due to its central location in US. The temperature is around 30s to 40s Fahrenheit during the winter months. It has humid, warm and sunny weather during the summer months.

Cumberland Gap Image

Cumberland Gap Image

Facts about Cumberland Gap 9: the nearby cities

Harrogate, Kentucky and Middlesboro are some nearby cities of Cumberland Gap.

Facts about Cumberland Gap 10: the formation of gap

The formation of Cumberland Gap is due to the development of Rocky Face Fault, Middlesboro Syncline and Pine Mountain Thrust.

Cumberland Gap Beauty

Cumberland Gap Beauty

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