10 Facts about Cumberland Island

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Let me show you the interesting explanation about one of Sea Islands on Facts about Cumberland Island. The location of the island is on the southeastern U.S. It has the length at 28.2 km or 17.5 miles. The total area of Cumberland Island is 56.25 sq mi or 36,415 acres. The tidal creeks, mudflats and marsh located in the island occupy 16,850 acres. Cumberland Island is included in Camden County, Georgia. Here are the other facts about Cumberland Island to note:

Facts about Cumberland Island 1: how to reach Cumberland Island

If you are interested to make a visit to Cumberland Island, you have to take Cumberland Ferry from St. Marys. There is no bridge which connects it to Cumberland Island.

Facts about Cumberland Island 2: the ecosystem regions

There are three major ecosystem areas in Cumberland Island. The dense maritime forest located at the edge features the palmetto plants. You can also spot the presence of oak trees. The salt marshes can be found at the western areas of Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island Beauty

Cumberland Island Beauty

Facts about Cumberland Island 3: the beach

The most notable feature that you can spot in Cumberland Island is the beach. It spans along 27 kilometer or 17 miles. You can find various animals which live along the Beach of Cumberland Island.

Facts about Cumberland Island 4: the animals

Cumberland Island is inhabited by native and non native animals. You can spot American alligators, wild boars, nine banded armadillos, raccoons, squirrels, and white tailed deer.

Cumberland Island Horses

Cumberland Island Horses

Facts about Cumberland Island 5: the first people

Cumberland Island was first occupied by the indigenous tribes. Their settlement can be traced back around 4,000 years ago.

Facts about Cumberland Island 6: Cumberland Island in 17th century

The Tacatacuru chiefdom ruled Cumberland Island and the nearby coastal areas in seventeenth century. The southern end of Cumberland Island was a home to Tacatacuru. It was the primary village in the island.

Cumberland Island Image

Cumberland Island Image

Facts about Cumberland Island 7: during the European colonization

There were 11 villages at the mainland and 6 villages at the islands spotted by the Spanish people who came here during the European colonization. Get facts about Corsica here.

Facts about Cumberland Island 8: the main business type

The main business type located on the north end of Cumberland Island was innkeeping in the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century. The High Point area featured a notable hotel.

Cumberland Island Facts

Cumberland Island Facts

Facts about Cumberland Island 9: the activities

There were various activities that the visitors could do such as going to the beach, hunting, and fishing. They would reach the island using steamboats. Find facts about Crete here.

Facts about Cumberland Island 10: two islands

There are two islands located in Cumberland Island. A marsh connects Little Cumberland Island and island proper.

Facts about Cumberland Island

Facts about Cumberland Island

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