10 Facts about Cumbia

Monday, May 16th 2016. | Music

Facts about Cumbia talk about one of the most popular musical genres in Latin America. People like Cumbia for it encourages the people to dance and have fun.  The history states that the African people used Cumbia as a courtship dance in the past. Throughout the years, Cumbia was combined with African, European and Amerindian musical instruments. Today, Cumbia gets the global attention from the people. Here are other interesting facts about Cumbia:

Facts about Cumbia 1: the young musicians

Nueva cumbia chilena means new Chilean cumbia. The younger musicians use the term to label their unique Cumbia music. Therefore, this act makes Cumbia emerges and gains a lot of public attention.

Facts about Cumbia 2: the Cumbia bands

The younger musicians create their own bands. The notable bands are Villa Cariño, Juana Fe, Banda Conmocion, Chico Trujillo, Sonora Tomo Como Rey, Guachupe, Sepamoya, and Sonora de Llegar. Find facts about Cuban music here.

Cumbia and Dances

Cumbia and Dances

Facts about Cumbia 3: the musical style

The Cumbia music presented by the band is unique. They have a unique musical combination of Chilean Cumbia, classic music, folk Latin American tones and rock music.

Facts about Cumbia 4: the popularity of Cumbia

Cumbia is very popular in Latin America. It is considered a part of Latin American culture.  In 1800s, Cumbia began to flourish in Colombia.

Facts about Cumbia

Facts about Cumbia

Facts about Cumbia 5: the record of Cumbia

Cumbia’s music was recorded for the first time outside Colombia when Luis Carlos Meyer worked with Rafael de Paz in Mexico in 1940s. Meyer was a notable Colombian singer, while de Paz was a director of Mexican orchestra. Get facts about country music here.

Facts about Cumbia 6: the Mexican Cumbia

The Colombian music was adapted by the musician to create a unique Mexican Cumbia. Actually the Cumbia version is seen based on the country. You can also spot the development of Argentine Cumbia and Peruvian Cumbia.



Facts about Cumbia 7: the varieties of Cumbia

There are several varieties of Cumbia.  The northern Cumbia is very different from the original Cumbia by speed. The latter one is played in slower speed. Moreover, the accordion is heavily used.

Facts about Cumbia 8: the southern Cumbia

The southern Cumbia also has its own characteristics. It uses organ or piano to replace the usage of accordion. Compared to the original Cumbia, it has faster speed.

Cumbia Pic

Cumbia Pic

Facts about Cumbia 9: the famous Southern styled Cumbia artists

Chico Che, Socios Del Ritmo and Los Sonnors are some notable musicians who play the southern styled Cumbia.

Facts about Cumbia 10:  Mexican Cumbia sub genres

Cumbia Sonidera, Cumbia Andina Mexicana and Cumbia Mariachi are some sub genres in Mexican Cumbia.

Cumbia Music

Cumbia Music

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