10 Facts about Cumbrian Floods

Sunday, May 15th 2016. | Disasters

Facts about Cumbrian Floods inform you with the disaster occurred in Cumbria. The town is very prone to flooding over the years. To protect several parts of Cumbria, the troops were called. They built defense gates and sandbags to avoid the further flooding. There were 70 flood warnings and 5 severe flood warnings in Cumbria. Check other interesting facts about Cumbrian floods:

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 1: the flood condition in Cumbria

The flood in Cumbria did not occur alone. It was accompanied by the high winds and torrential rain.

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 2: the damaged areas in Cumbria

Due to the flood, the level of river was high. There were several areas in Cumbria which had major damages such as Glenridding, Kendal, Appleby, and Keswick.

Cumbrian Flood

Cumbrian Flood

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 3: Appleby

There were 40 properties flooded near the bank of River Eden. Therefore, Appleby was defended from the flood.

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 4: Glenridding Hotel

The condition of Glenridding Hotel was not good too. It was the third time for the hotel affected by flood in 2015.

Cumbrian Floods Facts

Cumbrian Floods Facts

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 5: the immediate action

The people in Cumbria were encouraged by the authorities to take an immediate action toward the flood because the town received at least 6 flood warnings.

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 6: the prediction of flood in 2015

Even though it was estimated for the flood level to reduce, the forecasters estimated that the heavy flood would spray Cumbria in Boxing Day and Christmas Day.

Cumbrian Floods Pic

Cumbrian Floods Pic

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 7: the bridge

The flood was worst. The water level was increased. Therefore, the road bridge in the town was closed down.

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 8: the pumping equipment

The pumping equipment was used by the firefighters so that the water could be diverted. At 17:00 GMT, the level of water in River Eden was at its peak. Check Chicago fire facts here.

Cumbrian Floods

Cumbrian Floods

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 9: the impact of Cumbrian Flood

Cumbrian Flood affected the life of people in Cumbria. One field deeply affected was the tourism industry. The tourist booking in the city was collapsed.

Facts about Cumbrian Floods 10: the homes and shops

The tourism industry in Cumbria was decreased because many shops and homes filled with a lot of water. The badly affected areas were Keswick, Appleby, Glenridding and Carlisle. Get facts about Cockermouth Floods here.

Facts about Cumbrian Floods

Facts about Cumbrian Floods

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