10 Facts about Cupcakes

Tuesday, May 17th 2016. | Culinary

Are you interested to know Facts about Cupcakes? I will explain it in the following post below. This small cake usually is made for one person due to the small size. It is often called as a patty cake or fairy cake in Australian English. People use the term bun to call it in Hiberno English. It is called as fairy cake in British English. Let’s find out other interesting facts about cupcakes below:

Facts about Cupcakes 1: how to create a cupcake

You can make a cupcake by baking it using an aluminum cup or thin paper. It is used to define a small cake.

Facts about Cupcakes 2: the larger sized cupcakes

It is okay to create a larger sized cupcake based on the personal taste. You can decorate it with candy, fruit, cheese and icing.



Facts about Cupcakes 3: cupcake in a cookbook

Eliza Leslie’s Receipts cookbook published in 1828 contained the first usage of the world cupcake. In 1796, the word cupcake was first mentioned in Amelia Simmons’ American Cookery.

Facts about Cupcakes 4: the English and American cupcakes

The American cupcakes usually are larger than the English fairy cakes. Moreover, the American cupcakes also have decorative icing. Even though the English cupcakes are smaller, they are available in many sizes.

Facts about Cupcakes

Facts about Cupcakes

Facts about Cupcakes 5: the primary ingredients

If you are interested to make cupcakes at home, prepare the primary ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar and butter.

Facts about Cupcakes 6: the layer cake

Cupcakes can be made from all recipes used to create a layer cake. You can fill the cake batter with chocolate chips, nuts, almonds, berries or raisins to create a flavored and delicious cupcake.



Facts about Cupcakes 7: the baking process

The baking process of a cupcake will take less time compared to a layered cake. It is due to the small size. Therefore, the heat conduction is performed easily. Find facts about cream cheese here.

Facts about Cupcakes 8: the topping of cupcakes

There are various toppings that you can put on the cupcakes. You can put fruit, frosting or pastry cream.

Cupcake Pictures

Cupcake Pictures

Facts about Cupcakes 9: the variants of cupcake

Cupcake is not a boring cake. It is available in a lot of variants. You can create a cupcake in a jar or even in a mug. Both are very popular today. Another variant of cupcake is a butterfly cake.

Facts about Cupcakes 10: the usage of cupcakes

Cupcakes can be served during various events. The elaborate ones are suitable for holiday celebration, graduation party, birthday party and baby shower. Get facts about culinary art here.

Funny Cupcakes

Funny Cupcakes

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