10 Facts about Cupid

Wednesday, May 18th 2016. | Mythology

If you are always curious with classical mythology, read the entire post on Facts about Cupid. In Latin, Cupid is recognized as Amor. It means love. The word Cupid is taken from the Latin word Cupido. It means desire.  In general, Cupid is considered as god of erotic love or god of desire. The mythology states that Cupid’s father is Mars, the war god. His mother was Venus, the goddess of love. In Greek mythology, Cupid was known as Eros. Here are other interesting facts about Cupid:

Facts about Cupid 1: the portrayal of Cupid

Cupid was depicted as a chubby boy in the Hellenistic Period. However, the slender winged youth was used to describe Eros in the classical art in ancient Greece.

Facts about Cupid 2: the source of power

Do you know the source of power of Cupid? He has a bow and arrow. The person will have an uncontrollable desire when Cupid shot his arrow on a deity or a person.

cupid facts

cupid facts

Facts about Cupid 3: as a minor character

It is not easy to find out Cupid as the main character in a myth. It usually served as a minor character. If you want to know Cupid as a primary character, you need to take a look at the tale of Cupid and Psyche. Cupid had to experience the state of love after he was injured by his own arrow.

Facts about Cupid 4: a popular image

Cupid was considered as a popular image not only in the western art, but also in Roman art.

Cupid Pic

Cupid Pic

Facts about Cupid 5: Cupid in various interpretations

Cupid is interpreted differently. It has dual nature under the faith of Christianity. He is considered as an image of Valentine’s Day. The romantic love is inspired from the bow and arrow of a Cupid. Both depictions can be seen in contemporary popular culture.

Facts about Cupid 6: the depiction of Eros

The dual contradictory genealogy is spotted on the depiction of Eros in Greek tradition. He came as an asexual being.



Facts about Cupid 7: the parents of Cupid

Talking about the parents of Cupid, it was unsure if you check it based on the Greek tradition. It was stated that he was a child of Strife and Zephyr, Night and Ether, Ares and Aphrodite or Heaven and Earth. Find facts about Athena here.

Facts about Cupid 8: Cupid in Latin tradition

Cupid is considered as Venus’ son in Latin tradition. It was believed that his father was Vulcan.

cupid pictures

cupid pictures

Facts about Cupid 9: the three Cupids

Because there are 3 Venuses, Cicero believed that there are also 3 Cupids. Find facts about Cronus here.

Facts about Cupid 10: Classical tradition

Venus and Mars are considered as the parents of Cupid based on the classical tradition.

Facts about cupid

Facts about cupid

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