10 Facts about Curacao

Wednesday, May 18th 2016. | Countries

Let me show you an interesting island country in southern Caribbean Sea on facts about Curacao. In the past, people call it Country of Curacao. Willemstad is the capital city of this constituent country of Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has the area at 171 square miles or 444 km square. It becomes a home for around 150,000 inhabitants. This country consists of the Main Island and island of Klein Curaçao. The latter one is not occupied by people. Let’s check other interesting facts about Curacao below:

Facts about Curacao 1: the administration of Curacao

Curacao served as Island Territory of Curacao before the Netherlands Antilles were disbanded in 2010.

Facts about Curacao 2: an open economy

You will notice an open economy in Curacao.  The economic sectors in the country are focused on the international shipping, tourism, international financial service, oil and bunkering, refining and shipping services. Find facts about Cuba here.

Curacao Beach

Curacao Beach

Facts about Curacao 3: GDP

Based on the GDP per capita, Curacao is placed in the 46th ranking. The people have the high standard of living room compared to any other countries in the world. If you check it based on the nominal GDP per capita, it is placed in 27th ranking.

Facts about Curacao 4: Free Trade Zone

One of the biggest impacts in the economy of Curacao is Free Trade Zone.  The Free Trade Zone is applied on the port of Willemstad. The government also tries to expand the economy of Curacao by attracting more international investors. Get facts about Croatia here.

Curacao Facts

Curacao Facts

Facts about Curacao 5: tourism

One of the economic sectors in Curacao is tourism. Most people who visit Curacao are from the Netherlands, South America and Eastern United States.

Facts about Curacao 6: the international airport

Curacao is a home of a Hato International Airport. It is a very busy airport. In 2013, it handled 1,772,501 passengers.

Curacao Pictures

Curacao Pictures

Facts about Curacao 7: the cruise tourism

The cruise tourism in Curacao is flourished. In 2013, there were 610,186 passengers on board. Compared to the previous year, the number of passengers was increased around 41.4 percent.

Facts about Curacao 8: a spaceport

It is expected that Curaçao will have a new spaceport which will cover the research missions and space tourism flights by using Lynx rocketplane.

Facts about Curacao

Facts about Curacao

Facts about Curacao 9: the beaches

People love to visit the beaches in Curacao. They can do various activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. The coral reefs are beautiful.

Facts about Curacao 10: the unemployment rate

Do you know the unemployment rate in Curacao? It was 13 percent based on the report in 2013.



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