10 Facts about Curiosity Rover

Wednesday, May 18th 2016. | Astronomy

Have you ever read facts about Curiosity Rover? It is a robotic rover which has been used by NASA in Mars’ exploration. Curiosity Rover is focused to explore Gale Carter in Mars. The first landing of Curiosity Rover on Mars was on 6th August 2012. This car sized rover has spent 1380 days on March as of 17th May 2016. Check other interesting facts about Curiosity Rover below:

Facts about Curiosity Rover 1: launching Curiosity Rover to Mars

On 26th November 2011, Curiosity Rover was sent by NASA from MSL spacecraft from Cape Canaveral. On 6th August 2012, it arrived on Aeolis Palus in Gale Crater, Mars.

Facts about Curiosity Rover 2: the distance

Curiosity Rover had to go to through the distance at 350,000,000 miles or 563,000,000 kilometer to reach Mars from Earth. Find facts about Cosmos here.

Curiosity Rover Facts

Curiosity Rover Facts

Facts about Curiosity Rover 3: the target landing

The target landing of Curiosity Rover was located at Bradbury Landing Site.  When Curiosity Rover landed, it was located less than 1.5 miles or 2.4 kilometer from the site.

Facts about Curiosity Rover 4: the goals for launching Curiosity Rover

Curiosity Rover was launched to Mars to investigate whether there is favorable environment in Gale Crater which supports the microbial life and to study more about the Martian climate and geology. NASA investigates it thoroughly whether the planet can be explored by human being or not.

Curiosity rover Images

Curiosity rover Images

Facts about Curiosity Rover 5: Mars 2020 rover

Mars 2020 rover is designed based on the Curiosity Rover. Actually Curiosity Rover was only used for two years to explore Mars. However, it will be used for indefinite period of time for exploring Mars since December 2012.

Facts about Curiosity Rover 6: the mass of Curiosity Rover

The mass of MSL or Mars Science Laboratory is 8,583 lb or 3,893 kilogram. The mass of Curiosity Rover accounts 23 percent of MSL’s mass. It has the mass at 1,982 lb or 899 kilogram. Find facts about comet here.

Curiosity Rover

Curiosity Rover

Facts about Curiosity Rover 7: the dimension of Curiosity Rover

Curiosity Rover has the height at 7.2 feet, width at 8.9 feet and length at 9.5 feet.

Facts about Curiosity Rover 8: the power source

RTG or radioisotope thermoelectric generator is applied as the power source of this robotic rover.

Facts about Curiosity Rover

Facts about Curiosity Rover

Facts about Curiosity Rover 9: the heat rejection system

Curiosity Rover features the heat rejection system which can warm the rover’s body.

Facts about Curiosity Rover 10: computers

RCE or Rover Computer Element is available on Curiosity Rover. The two onboard computers will not experience the power off cycles. The extreme radiation is not a big deal and will not affect the computer.

Curiosity Rover Pictures

Curiosity Rover Pictures

Are you impressed after reading facts about Curiosity Rover?

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