10 Facts about Curitiba

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Let me show you the largest city and capital of Parana in Brazil on Facts about Curitiba. Based on the report in 2015, it was a home for 1,879,355 inhabitants. Due to the large number of people who live in Curitiba, it takes 8th most populous city in Brazil. In South Region of Brazil, Curitiba is the most populous one. There are 26 municipalities in Curitiba.  This city is very important not only in Brazil but also in Latin America. Here are other interesting facts about Curitiba to notice:

Facts about Curitiba 1: the importance of Curitiba

As I have stated before Curitiba is very important in Brazil and Latin America. It serves as the center of economy, politics and culture.

Facts about Curitiba 2: the airports

The people who want to reach Curitiba can use Afonso Pena International and Bacacheri airports. The location of Curitiba is 65 miles from Paranaguá seaport. The height of this city is 3,058 feet above the sea elevation.

Facts about Curitiba

Facts about Curitiba

Facts about Curitiba 3: Curitiba in 1700s

The cattle trade in Curitiba was very successful in 1700s because the location was strategic. The economy of Curitiba was expanded to agriculture and logging in 1850 until 1950. Then the city cultivated various products like corn, coffee, soybean and wheat.

Facts about Curitiba 4: the European immigrants

Most European immigrants were from Poles, Germans, Italians and Ukrainians. They landed on Curitiba in 1850s. The cultural and economic development of the city was under the immigrant’s influence too.

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Facts about Curitiba 5: the population growth

Curitiba was inhabited by a million people from a hundred of thousand people due to the innovative urban planning in 1960s. It is considered as the biggest expansion.

Facts about Curitiba 6: the economy of Curitiba today

The industry and services are the two primary sources of economy in Curitiba. In Brazil, it takes the fourth largest city in term of economy.

Curitiba Image

Curitiba Image

Facts about Curitiba 7: sport

The famous sport events ever hosted in Curitiba are 2014 FIFA World Cup and 1950 FIFA World Cup. Find facts about Cork City here.

Facts about Curitiba 8: the climate

Curitiba is defined with its subtropical highland climate. The daytime temperature during the summer season is 77 degrees F.

Curitiba Facts

Curitiba Facts

Facts about Curitiba 9: tourism

Tourism is flourished in Curitiba. There are 2 million visitors who come to Curitiba. Find facts about Coventry here.

Facts about Curitiba10: the multinational industries

Curitiba is a home to various kinds of industries such as ExxonMobil, Electrolux, Nissan, Renault, Kraft Foods, Siemens, Volkswagen and HSBC.

Curitiba Brazil

Curitiba Brazil

Are you fascinated reading facts about Curitiba?

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