10 Facts about Curium

Thursday, May 19th 2016. | Chemistry

Facts about Curium are interesting to learn because you will be informed about an element in the periodic table derived from the name of Marie and Pierre Currie. Both were scientists who decided their life to study radioactive elements. The atomic number of Curium is 96. It is symbolized as Cm. it is included as a transuranic radioactive element.

Facts about Curium 1: Glenn T. Seaborg

In July 1944, a group of Glenn T. Seaborg produced and identified curium internationally for the first time. The location of the research was at University of California, Berkeley. In November 1945, the discovery was announced to the public after it was kept in secret.

Facts about Curium 2: how to produce curium

Do you know the common way to produce curium? The neutrons will be used to bombard plutonium or uranium to generate curium? It will generate 20 grams of curium from a tonne of nuclear fuel.

Facts about Curium

Facts about Curium

Facts about Curium 3: the properties of curium

Curium is included as an actinide. It has a high boiling and melting point. This silvery metal has dense and hard texture.

Facts about Curium 4: the human body

When the human body is contaminated by the presence of curium, it will affect liver, lungs and bones.  It leads into the development of cancer.



Facts about Curium 5: the radioactive element

Curium is considered as a radioactive element. There is no need to wonder that all recognized isotopes have the radioactive properties.

Facts about Curium 6: the usage of curium

When the people want to produce 238Pu radionuclide and heavier actinides, they will use curium. There are several types of space probes which contain curium. Those include Philae lander, Curiosity Mars and Spirit because curium is a-source. Check copper facts here.

Curium Pic

Curium Pic

Facts about Curium 7: the higher melting point

Curium has higher melting point if you compare it with other transuranic elements like americium, plutonium and neptunium. The melting point of curium is 1340 degrees C. Plutonium has the melting point at 639 degrees C.

Facts about Curium 8: the boiling point

Curium has the boiling point at 3110 degrees C. The density of curium is lighter than plutonium and neptunium. It is at 13.52 gram per cm cubic.

Curium Images

Curium Images

Facts about Curium 9: the most common isotopes

242Cm and 244Cm are the most common isotopes of curium used by the people. Get facts about Cracking Hydrocarbon here.

Facts about Curium 10: 247Cm

247Cm is considered as the curium isotope with the longest lived one. The half life is 15.6 million years.

Curium Image

Curium Image

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