10 Facts about Cutting Yourself

Friday, May 20th 2016. | Health

Facts about Cutting Yourself talk about a type of self harm.  This act is intended to harm you by cutting the parts of body. It cannot be connected directly with a suicidal attempt. The people cut their body because they want to release the frustration, anger and emotional way. Of course, it is considered as the unsafe way to cope a problem. Here are several facts about cutting yourself to notice:

Facts about Cutting Yourself 1: an addiction

When the people cut themselves over and over again, it may lead into an addiction. At first, you feel great after you cut yourself. Then it controls you to do it again. It becomes impossible to spot when it turns into a compulsive behavior. You have to get a help from a physician or a psychologist.

Facts about Cutting Yourself 2: wrist cutting

The common body part cut the people is the wrist. The people conduct it not as a suicide attempt. The goal is only for self mutilation.

Cutting Yourself Images

Cutting Yourself Images

Facts about Cutting Yourself 3: bleeding

When you do wrist cutting, it will be followed by bleeding. If the bleeding is severe, it may lead into the cardiac arrhythmia. The people can die too if they experience severe cardiac arrest, circulatory collapse and shock.

Facts about Cutting Yourself 4: the suicide attempt

If the people cut the wrist because they want to do suicide and fail, it may lead into the presence of injury on median nerves and flexor muscles.

Cutting Yourself Facts

Cutting Yourself Facts

Facts about Cutting Yourself 5: how to prevent the death

The death can be prevented to happen if the victim gets aggressive resuscitation. During the pre hospital treatment, the bleeding on the wrist should be controlled.

Facts about Cutting Yourself 6: a widespread issue

Cutting yourself is not a rare issue. It is a widespread issue which affects not only teens, but also adults. Get facts about borderline personality disorder here.

Cutting Yourself Pic

Cutting Yourself Pic

Facts about Cutting Yourself 7: the rate of self harm

The global report states that 18 percent of people have cut or injured themselves.

Facts about Cutting Yourself 8: the teenage years

Even though cutting yourself is also seen in adults, it usually begins during the teenage years.

Cutting Yourself Pictures

Cutting Yourself Pictures

Facts about Cutting Yourself 9: cutting yourself in United States

The report states that 7 percent of teens have injured themselves by burning or even cutting. Find facts about child health here.

Facts about Cutting Yourself 10: why the teens or adults do it

There are various reasons why people cut themselves.  They may experience the hard life because of they have problem with family, face discrimination or even break up with boyfriend.

Facts about Cutting Yourself

Facts about Cutting Yourself

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