10 Facts about Cwm Idwal

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If you are interested to know a hanging valley, look at Facts about Cwm Idwal. The location of this natural beauty is in Glyderau range of mountains.  Many people like to visit Cwm Idwal because of the rocky and mountainous area.  The naturalists as well as geologists are interested to come to Cwm Idwal. They can enjoy the great altitude above the sea elevation while enjoying the natural look. There is no need to wonder that rock climbers and hill walkers love it too. Here are other interesting facts about Cwm Idwal to note:

Facts about Cwm Idwal 1: the amazing natural wonder

Cwm Idwal is one of the beautiful natural wonders in the world. In Britain, it was ranked as the seventh greatest natural wonder in a Radio Times’ poll in 2005.

Facts about Cwm Idwal 2: the natural features in Cwm Idwal

Cwm Idwal has several natural features that you can enjoy when you sit at its top. You can spot the moraines, screes, high crags and rounded rocks. The Llyn Idwal can be found at the floor of Cwm Idwal.

Cwm Idwal Facts

Cwm Idwal Facts

Facts about Cwm Idwal 3: the formation

Cwm Idwal was formed due to the glaciations.  The sedimentary rocks and volcanic rocks compose this natural wonder.

Facts about Cwm Idwal 4: the amazing plants

Cwm Idwal is a home to diverse arctic plants. You can spot Micranthes nivalis, Hieracium snowdoniense, tufted saxifrage and moss campion. The only Snowdon lily that you can discover on Snowdon is spotted in Cwm Idwal.

Cwm Idwal Beauty

Cwm Idwal Beauty

Facts about Cwm Idwal 5: Evan Roberts

The botany in Cwm Idwal is heavily described and explored by Evan Roberts. He was from Capel Curig. Roberts was a notable explorer and botanist.

Facts about Cwm Idwal 6: rock climbing

Many visitors come to Cwm Idwal do to rock climbing. They will love to explore the cliffs and Idwal slabs. If you have no experience or skill for climbing a rock, it is recommended for you to visit Idwal Slabs. The location is on the eastern side of Cwm Idwal.

Cwm Idwal

Cwm Idwal

Facts about Cwm Idwal 7: Devil’s Kitchen

During the winter season, people love to come here because they can do ice climbing in the Devil’s Kitchen. Check facts about Copper Canyon here.

Facts about Cwm Idwal 8: other popular activities

Scrambling and hill walking are the other interesting activities that you can do in Cwm Idwal. You can also visit the nearby places like Glyder Fawr and Tryfan and Glyder Fach.

Facts about Cwm Idwal

Facts about Cwm Idwal

Facts about Cwm Idwal 9: Pen-y-Gwryd

The devoted botanists and geologists held a reunion camp at Pen-y-Gwryd for the first ascenders of Mount Everest and Kangchenjunga in 1950s and 1960s. Find facts about Cumberland Gap here.

Facts about Cwm Idwal 10: the popularity of Cwm Idwal

Cwm Idwal is very popular place to visit in North Wales. People can do various interesting activities here.

Cwm Idwal Image

Cwm Idwal Image

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