10 Facts about Cyber Harassment

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Facts about Cyber Harassment present the information about the usage of internet, mobile technologies and other electronic technologies used to harass a group, individual or an organization. People often call it as a cyber stalking. There are many forms of cyber harassment such as gathering information used to harass the target, monitoring the target, threats, identity theft, solicitation for sex, false accusations, libel, vandalism, slander and defamation. Let’s find other interesting facts about cyber harassment below:

Facts about Cyber Harassment 1: the crime

Cyber harassment is considered as a form of crime. You can be put in jail if you have done this activity. Usually the perpetrator also conducts offline stalking.

Facts about Cyber Harassment 2: the motivation

What is the motivation of cyber harasser? The perpetrator conducts it because he or she wants to influence, intimidate, stalk and control the target. Find facts about community service here.

Cyber Harassment Pic

Cyber Harassment Pic

Facts about Cyber Harassment 3: who is the harasser?

The harasser is not always a person known to the victim. It can be anonymous or even an online stranger.

Facts about Cyber Harassment 4: the laws

The harassment, slander and stalking laws are applied in various states in United States since cyber harassment is considered as a criminal offence.

Cyber Harassment Pictures

Cyber Harassment Pictures

Facts about Cyber Harassment 5: the punishment

There are various types of punishment given to the offender of cyber harassment depending on the degree of crime.  He or she can be put in jail or just have a restraining order.

Facts about Cyber Harassment 6: Cyberbullying

The media often use the term cyber stalking and cyber harassment synonymously. It is still allowed when people try to scrutinize the life of famous people or public figure such as celebrities, comedian or politician. Find facts about cyberbullying here.

Facts about Cyber Harassment

Facts about Cyber Harassment

Facts about Cyber Harassment 7: identity theft

Some experts state that identity theft is included as a form of cyber stalking. On the other hand, it is separated from cyber stalking by Alexis Moore. She believes that the former one has something to do with financial motivation.

Facts about Cyber Harassment 8: isolating the victim

The perpetrator tries to isolate the victim by harassing the employers, friends and family of the victims.

Cyber Harassment Facts

Cyber Harassment Facts

Facts about Cyber Harassment 9: the credit score

The reputation of the target may be ruined by the harasser by altering the credit score.

Facts about Cyber Harassment 10: the allegations

The harasser will publish allegations in public forums, chat rooms, newsgroups or even websites in order to harass the victim.

Cyber Harassment Image

Cyber Harassment Image

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