10 Facts about Cyber Monday

Monday, May 23rd 2016. | Business

If you want to know one type of online marketing, look at Facts about Cyber Monday. It is established to encourage the people to purchase products in various online stores. In United States, the term Cyber Monday is applied after Thanksgiving on Monday.  On 28th November 2005, the first Cyber Monday was applied in a Shop.org press release. Ellen Davis created this term. Let’s check other interesting facts about Cyber Monday below:

Facts about Cyber Monday 1: the title of press release

Do you know the title of the press release? It was “‘Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”.

Facts about Cyber Monday 2: the sales

On Monday after Thanksgiving holiday, the sales of 77 percent online retailers were enhanced. That’s based on the research in 2005. There is no need to wonder that Cyber Monday is widely promoted.

Cyber Monday Facts

Cyber Monday Facts

Facts about Cyber Monday 3: the sales of Cyber Monday in 2014 and 2013

In 2013, the sales of Cyber Monday were $2.29 billion. It was increased in 2014 with sales at $2.68 billion. On the other hand, the average order value was higher in 2013 with $128 and in 2014 with $124.

Facts about Cyber Monday 4: the retailers

Cyber Monday is an online shopping. The smaller retailers which cannot compete with the large retailers offer the customers with the deals.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Facts about Cyber Monday 5: the deals in Black Friday

The people who are interested to the high end products with great technology can find them on the Black Friday due to the various options. In the past, the kitchen gadgets, cutlery, and small appliances were available on the deals in Black Friday too.

Facts about Cyber Monday 6: the deals in Cyber Monday

If you are interested with fashion retail, Cyber Monday is the best place to shop.  It is larger than Black Friday. It offers the customers with 45 percent more clothes than Black Friday. Moreover, Cyber Monday also serves 50 percent more shoe deal.

Facts about Cyber Monday

Facts about Cyber Monday

Facts about Cyber Monday 7: the online spending

Cyber Monday is getting popular from year to year.  The online spending was $608 million based on the report of comScore in 2006. In 2008, it reached $846 million. Find facts about ALDI here.

Facts about Cyber Monday 8: the work location

After the people spend their quality time with the family during the long Thanksgiving, they still shop from the workplace since the holiday shopping is still available.

Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday Shopping

Facts about Cyber Monday 9: the celebration of Cyber Monday in Argentine

On 11th November 2014, Cyber Monday was celebrated in Argentina. Get facts about Cath Kidston here.

Facts about Cyber Monday 10: Cyber Monday in Canada

In 2008, Cyber Monday arrived in Canada. Cyber Monday and Black Friday were participated by 80 percent Canadians.

Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday Sales

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