10 Facts about Cyber Safety

Sunday, May 22nd 2016. | Technology

Check the interesting facts about Cyber Safety if you want to know the online safety, web safety or internet safety. It helps the online users to protect themselves from the general computer crime and protect their personal information. People concern more with cyber safety because internet and communication technology have been developed and improved from time to time. Let’s find out other interesting facts about cyber safety below:

Facts about Cyber Safety 1: the common concerns

When people talk about cyber safety, there are several things to concern such as computer viruses, malware, cyberstalking, Cyberbullying, spam, offensive content, cyber harassment and obscene content. Find facts about computer viruses here.

Facts about Cyber Safety 2: crime

Identity theft and cyber stalking are considered as cyber crimes. You can be charged and put in jail if you are found guilty before the court.

Cyber Safety Picture

Cyber Safety Picture

Facts about Cyber Safety 3: the awareness of internet safety

The people try to increase the awareness of internet safety by celebrating safer internet day in February around the world.

Facts about Cyber Safety 4: children and internet

People focus more on children when accessing the internet. The internet should be safer to access by kids.

Cyber Safety Pic

Cyber Safety Pic

Facts about Cyber Safety 5: the Get Safe Online campaign

The notable internet companies like eBay and Microsoft and SOCA or Serious Organized Crime Agency supported the Get Safe Online campaign in United Kingdom.

Facts about Cyber Safety 6: the malicious users

You can have to be careful with malicious users. They try to take benefits from the online users especially children.  The personal gain is not only targeted on economic issue.

Cyber Safety Pictures

Cyber Safety Pictures

Facts about Cyber Safety 7: Cyber stalking

When a person tries to harass other in public forum and online websites, it is included as a type of Cyber stalking.

Facts about Cyber Safety 8: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is very common in the internet and mobile technology. It can be conducted in various ways.  Releasing the personal image of a victim in an internet is also a kind of Cyberbullying. Get facts about cyber harassment here.

Facts about Cyber Safety

Facts about Cyber Safety

Facts about Cyber Safety 9: the repeated act

Cyberbullying usually occurs repeatedly. It happens several times to make the target depressed. The identity of perpetrator is hidden.

Facts about Cyber Safety 10: Online predation

The kids should be careful with online predation. The minors will be seduced by the online predators so that they can build a relationship.

Cyber Safety Images

Cyber Safety Images

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