10 Facts about Cyberbullying

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Facts about Cyberbullying tell you about an act of harassing or harming other people using the internet or technology networks. Cyberbullying is used to make other hate the bullied person by posting negative gossip or rumor about him or her in the internet. It is used to harass and humiliate the victim through the publishing materials. Let’s find other interesting facts about Cyberbullying below:

Facts about Cyberbullying 1: Cyberbullying and teenagers

Cyberbullying is not a new issue today. It is very common to spot Cyberbullying among the teenagers due to the increased usage of technology. People concern more with Cyberbullying because it may lead into suicide. One of the notable cases of Cyberbullying is the suicide of Tyler Clementi.

Facts about Cyberbullying 2: the technology

Cyberbullying can be conducted using different platforms of technology. The teens can spread the gossip or rumor through mobile technology and internet service.

Cyberbullying Images

Cyberbullying Images

Facts about Cyberbullying 3: cyberstalking

Sometimes the person who intends to do Cyberbullying performs cyberstalking.  He or she tries to develop the strategy to bully or harass the victim by using a planned tactic.

Facts about Cyberbullying 4: the form of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be conducted in various ways. The victim can be humiliated, falsely discredited, and intimidated. It will be conducted repeatedly to make the victim depressed and frustrated.

Facts about Cyberbullying

Facts about Cyberbullying

Facts about Cyberbullying 5: the victim

Cyberbullying target is not always known. It may be anonymous for it can be used to harass the people online.

Facts about Cyberbullying 6: Cyberbullying and adult

If you think Cyberbullying only occurs on teens and children, you are wrong. The adults also conduct it. However, the abuse conducted by adults to other adults is called cyber harassment or cyberstalking.

Cyberbullying Facts

Cyberbullying Facts

Facts about Cyberbullying 7: cyberstalkers’ tactics

The intention of cyberstalker is to intimidate the safety, reputation, income and employment of the target.   The cyberstalkers will post it on the online information sites, social media and public forums so that all people know it. Get facts about computer programming here.

Facts about Cyberbullying 8: the victim and cyberstalking

The online participation of the victim will be affected when someone tries to harass and threaten him or her in public forum. The people will be against the victim since his or her reputation will be damaged by the stalkers.



Facts about Cyberbullying 9: the forms of cyberstalking

There are several activities conducted by cyberstalkers to harass the victims. They can gather personal information, solicitation for sex, identity theft and give false accusations. Find facts about cyber safety here.

Facts about Cyberbullying 10: jail

The people who conduct Cyberbullying break the law and can stay in jail.

Cyberbullying Pictures

Cyberbullying Pictures

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