10 Facts about Cyclone Hudhud

Thursday, May 26th 2016. | Disasters

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud inform you with a type of a severe disaster in the world.  In October 2014, Cyclone Hudhud affected eastern India and Nepal. The buildings were damaged and killed several people. This tropical cyclone was strong enough to carry the widespread damage. On October 6, the low pressure system was created in Andaman Sea. It was considered as the origin of Cyclone Hudhud. Check other interesting facts about Cyclone Hudhud below:

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 1: the intensified condition

On 8 October, the low pressure system turned into a cyclonic storm. On 9 October, the cyclonic storm was intensified and became a severe cyclonic storm. Get facts about Cyclone Pam here.

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 2: the classification

IMD classified Cyclone Hudhud as a Very Severe Cyclonic Stock after it had fast deepening in the next days.

Cyclone Hudhud Facts

Cyclone Hudhud Facts

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 3: the peak strength

The peak strength of Cyclone Hudhud took place on October 12. The wind speed for three minutes reached 109 miles per hour or 175 km per hour. It also had the minimum central pressure at 28.35.

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 4: the rain and snowfall

The heavy snowfall was spotted in Nepal after the system reached northward.  The heavy rain was spotted not only in Nepal but also in Uttar Pradesh.

Cyclone Hudhud Images

Cyclone Hudhud Images

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 5: the extensive damage

The people who live in Vizianagaram and Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh and city of Visakhapatnam experienced the extensive damage because of Cyclone Hudhud. Check facts about Cyclone Nargis here.

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 6: the cost of damage

The Andhra state government estimated that the damages caused by Cyclone Hudhud reached ?21908 crore.

Cyclone Hudhud Pic

Cyclone Hudhud Pic

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 7: the death

Most people who died because of Cyclone Hudhud were from Nepal and Andhra Pradesh. The government confirmed that the death toll reached 124 people.

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 8: the landfalls

Cyclone Hudhud caused the landfalls in the area. On 12 October, there were 38 trains canceled by the East Coast Railway.

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 9: Andaman Islands

The services of ferry in Andaman Islands were closed down because of the cyclonic storm intensity on 8 October. The warning about Cyclone Hudhud was also issued for the fishermen.

Facts about Cyclone Hudhud 10: the evacuation in Andhra Pradesh

The relief camps were established to accommodate the evacuated people from Andhra Pradesh.

Cyclone Hudhud

Cyclone Hudhud

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