10 Facts about Cyclone Larry

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Facts about Cyclone Larry tell the readers about one of the severe tropical cyclones in the world. During the Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season in 2005-2006, Australia was affected by Cyclone Larry. The disaster caused landfall in the country. The origin of this tropical cyclone was from the eastern Coral Sea. That’s the location of the pressure system which developed on March 16th, 2006. Look at the following post about Cyclone Larry below:

Facts about Cyclone Larry 1: the formation of tropical cyclone

Based on the Australian cyclone scale, the low pressure system developed in eastern Coral Sea was deepened into Category 5 storm after two days.

Facts about Cyclone Larry 2: the landfall

On 20th March 2006, the region in Far North Queensland was affected by landfalls because of Cyclone Larry. At that time, it was classified in category 4 storm. The wind gust was 150 miles per hour.

Cyclone Larry Images

Cyclone Larry Images

Facts about Cyclone Larry 3: the damaged cost

The damage cost of Cyclone Larry was around $1.1 billion USD or A$1.5 billion for the areas affected around Queensland, Australia.

Facts about Cyclone Larry 4: the record

Due to the high cost of damage, the record of Cyclone Tracy which took place in Australia in 1974 was surpassed by Cyclone Larry.

Cyclone Larry Facts

Cyclone Larry Facts

Facts about Cyclone Larry 5: the donation

The Queensland Government made an initial donation at $100,000. Another donation was made by Commonwealth Bank. It gave $50,000. Due to the extensive damage, the bank decided to enhance the amount of donation to $1 million. Get facts about Cyclone Winston here.

Facts about Cyclone Larry 6: the consequences

Because of Cyclone Larry, the infrastructure could be not be accessed. All flights were postponed, while the harbors and airport was closed down.

Facts about Cyclone Larry

Facts about Cyclone Larry

Facts about Cyclone Larry 7: the buildings in Babinda

Babinda experienced the severe damages. More than 80 percent of buildings in Babinda were destroyed by Cyclone Larry.

Facts about Cyclone Larry 8: the banana industry

Babinda is famous because of the banana industry. Due to the Cyclone Larry, the crops in the region were devastated.  There were around 6000 people who worked in the industry who had to deal with the extreme lost.

Cyclone Larry

Cyclone Larry

Facts about Cyclone Larry 9: Atherton Tablelands

Cyclone Larry also affected Atherton Tablelands. The telephone, water and power services were disrupted. Get facts about Cyclone Mahina here.

Facts about Cyclone Larry 10: the other towns

There were many other towns by Cyclone Larry such as Mission Beach, Kurrimine Beach and Silkwood.

Cyclone Larry Pic

Cyclone Larry Pic

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