10 Facts about Cyclone Nargis

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Let me show you the worst disaster in Myanmar on Facts about Cyclone Nargis. The disaster took place in the beginning of May in 2008. It was severe. On 2nd May 2008, Myanmar was affected by the landfall due to the presence of Cyclone Nargis. There were around 138,000 fatalities due to the catastrophic destruction on the Irrawaddy delta.  Get other interesting facts about Cyclone Nargis below:

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 1: the dead people

There were 10,000 dead people in Bogale and 80,000 dead people in Labutta Township. The people reported missing were around 55,000 people. Find facts about Chicago Fire here.

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 2: the under reported death toll

The under-reported death toll on the victim of Cyclone Nargis was kept by the government. It was believed that the government wanted to prevent the political fallout after the death toll caused by the disaster reached 138,000 people.

Cyclone Nargis Facts

Cyclone Nargis Facts

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 3: the cost of damage

Cyclone Nargis is considered as the most damaging cyclone in the country because it cost more than US$10 billion or K62,988,000,000.  Find facts about Cyclones here.

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 4: the word Nargis

The word Nargis is taken from the Urdu word. The word was originated from Persian word Nargess.  It means daffodil.

Facts about Cyclone Nargis

Facts about Cyclone Nargis

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 5: the name of cyclone

On 27th April 2008, the first name of Cyclone Nargis was used to call the cyclone season which occurred in Bay of Bengal due to the cyclone season in North Indian Ocean.

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 6: the deadliest one

In North Indian Ocean, Cyclone Nargis receives the status as the deadliest cyclone. Moreover, it is named as the second deadliest one in the world. Typhoon Nina takes the first place.

Cyclone Nargis

Cyclone Nargis

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 7: the warning

There was a warning received by Myanmar from Indian authorities 48 hours before the coast of Myanmar was hit by Cyclone Nargis.

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 8: the international aid

The international aid was resisted by the military rulers of Myanmar for their political  reason.

Cyclone Nargis Image

Cyclone Nargis Image

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 9: the number of people affected by Cyclone Nargis

The presence of Cyclone Nargis had affected the life of at least 1.50 million people based on the estimation of United Nations. The dead people reached 84,537. The missing one was 53,836.

Facts about Cyclone Nargis 10: the destroyed buildings

There were 75 percent of the buildings damaged in the Labutta Town due to Cyclone Nargis. in Ayeyarwady Division, there were 1,163 temples destroyed.

Cyclone Nargis Pic

Cyclone Nargis Pic

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