10 Facts about Cyclone Pam

Wednesday, May 25th 2016. | Disasters

Facts about Cyclone Pam talk about a notable disaster which hit the southern hemisphere in 2015. In the history of Vanuatu, it received the status as the most severe one. Due to the Cyclone Pam, there were around 15 to 16 people died during the incident. Many other people were wounded. Let’s find other interesting facts about Cyclone Pam below:

Facts about Cyclone Pam 1: the impacts

Actually the people who lived in New Zealand, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and other South Pacific islands also felt the impact of Cyclone Pam.

Facts about Cyclone Pam 2: the storm

The storm of Cyclone Pam was located in the second most intense one. Zoe of 2002 had the most intense storm. If you check it based on the same metric, Cyclone Pam was the third most intense in Southern Hemisphere.

Cyclone Pam Damages

Cyclone Pam Damages

Facts about Cyclone Pam 3: the strongest wind

The strongest wind that Cyclone Pam had was tied with other cyclones like Cyclone Fantala, Cyclone Monica and Cyclone Orson.

Facts about Cyclone Pam 4: the wind gust

The wind gust speed of Cyclone Pam was noted at 320 km per hour. Check facts about Cyclones here.

Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam

Facts about Cyclone Pam 5: the destroyed buildings

There were many buildings destroyed because of Cyclone Pam. The schools and homes were damaged too. As a result, 3,300 residents had to move from their residences.

Facts about Cyclone Pam 6: the formation of Cyclone Pam

The formation of Cyclone Pam began on the east side of Solomon Islands on 6th March. It directed to the south. Then it received the Category 5 cyclone status after several days.

Cyclone Pam Pictures

Cyclone Pam Pictures

Facts about Cyclone Pam 7: the peak speed

Cyclone Pam had the wind peak at 155 miles per hour in the other day. The wind was gradually reduced on 14th March.

Facts about Cyclone Pam 8: Tuvalu

Tuvalu was damaged by the storm of Cyclone Pam. There was 45 percent of the population relocated from the area after the emergency state was applied.

Cyclone Pam Pic

Cyclone Pam Pic

Facts about Cyclone Pam 9: Vanuatu

Besides Tuvalu, Cyclone Pam also heavily affected Vanuatu. Therefore, the relief personnel and emergency centers were spotted along the region. Check facts about California Drought here.

Facts about Cyclone Pam 10: Vanuatu’s infrastructure

The report stated that the storm of Cyclone Pam damaged around 90 percent of the buildings in the region. Moreover, the people had the difficulty to access the water and telecommunication.

Facts about Cyclone Pam

Facts about Cyclone Pam

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