10 Facts about Cyclone Winston

Wednesday, May 25th 2016. | Disasters

If you want to know one of the severe cyclones in the world, look at Facts about Cyclone Winston.  Based on the recorded history, the South Pacific Basin and Fiji were deeply affected by Cyclone Winston. At that time, it was considered as the most powerful tropical cyclone. On 7th February 2016, people believed that there was a tropical disturbance on the system. The location was on northwest of Port Vila, Vanuatu. By 11th February, it travelled southeast and earned gale force winds after several days. Here are the other interesting facts about Cyclone Winston to note:

Facts about Cyclone Winston 1: the winds

The speed of the maximum wind was 110 miles per hour or 175 kilometer per hour.  It only took 10 minutes. On 14th February, it moved to the northeast before it reached the north of Tonga on 17th.

Facts about Cyclone Winston 2: to the west area

The west area was affected after it drove back because of the higher level steering changes. Find facts about Cyclone Pam here.

Cyclone Winston Damages

Cyclone Winston Damages

Facts about Cyclone Winston 3: the Cyclone Winston on 19th February

On 19th February, Cyclone Winston was in Category 5 intensity based on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale and Australian tropical cyclone scale.

Facts about Cyclone Winston 4: the record

The national record for the wind gust reached 190 miles per hour or 306 km per hour. On 20th February, the peak intensity was reached by the storm.  It reached the pressure at 915 hPa and wind speed at 145 miles per hour or 230 km per hour for 10 minutes. Check ideas about Cyclone Nargis here.

Cyclone Winston Facts

Cyclone Winston Facts

Facts about Cyclone Winston 5: moving to Queensland, Australia

Cyclone Winston moved to Queensland, Australia after it spent seven days in the Coral Sea. Finally on 23rd March, the Cyclone Winston dissolved.

Facts about Cyclone Winston 6: the death toll

There were 44 people died due to Cyclone Winston in Fiji. The damage was also extensive. There were many shelters established to accommodate the victims.

Cyclone Winston Pic

Cyclone Winston Pic

Facts about Cyclone Winston 7: the total damaged homes and victims

Cyclone Winston affected the life of 40 percent of people who lived in Fiji. There were 40,000 homes damaged because of this storm.

Facts about Cyclone Winston 8: the emergency state

The emergency state was applied by the government for 60 days. It began on 20 February.

Facts about Cyclone Winston

Facts about Cyclone Winston

Facts about Cyclone Winston 9: the international aid

The international aid was given to Fiji. The country affected by Cyclone Winston got supports and supplies.

Facts about Cyclone Winston 10: the landfall

The landfall occurred on Vanua Levu and Viti Levu due to the most powerful storm.

Cyclone Winston

Cyclone Winston

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