10 Facts about Cyclone Yasi

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Facts about Cyclone Yasi give the interesting information about one of the severe tropical cyclones in the world. On February 2011, Queensland was hit by Cyclone Yasi. Since cyclone is very strong, it destroyed many parts of Queensland. The origin of Cyclone Yasi was traced back in a location nearby Fiji from a tropical low pressure. Check other facts about Cyclone Yasi below:

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 1: the intensity of Cyclone Yasi

On January 31st, 2011 at 7 UTC, Cyclone Yasi reached category 3. Then it was intensified into Category 4 system on 1st February. It became Category 5 on the next day on February 2.

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 2: the wind gust

It had a very fast wind gust for 3 minutes measured at 285 km per hour. There is no need to wonder that the rapid gust affected the areas in Ingham and Cairns.

Cyclone Yasi Damages

Cyclone Yasi Damages

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 3: the damage

The people had to deal with the costly damage because of the powerful storm. The people lost US$3.6 billion. Thus, it is included as one of the costliest disasters in Australia.

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 4: the death

There was a 23 years old man who passed away indirectly due to the presence of Cyclone Yasi. the generator exhaust fumes made him suffocated.

Cyclone Yasi

Cyclone Yasi

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 5: the preparation of the storm

The preparation for the storm was conducted after it was realized that Yasi had underway to Australian basin.

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 6: the media

The media heavily reported about the coming of Cyclone Yasi. Some of them dubbed it to be the worst cyclone in the history of the state.

Facts about Cyclone Yasi

Facts about Cyclone Yasi

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 7: the size

Yasi had a very great size. That’s why many people were scared that the damage would be more devastating than Cyclone Tracy or even Cyclone Larry which hit Australia in 1974 and 2006 respectively. Check facts about cyclone Hudhud here.

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 8: the evacuation

Anna Bligh was the premier of Queensland at that time. She urged that the people on the affected area to be evacuated as soon as possible.

Cyclone Yasi Pic

Cyclone Yasi Pic

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 9: the evacuated people

There were around 30,000 people from evacuated to Brisbane by using the Royal Australian Air Force and other agencies. Find facts about cyclones here.

Facts about Cyclone Yasi 10: the wave

The prediction stated that the north Queensland would be hit by the waves with the height at 39.37 feet or 12 meter.

Cyclone Yasi Facts

Cyclone Yasi Facts

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