10 Facts about Cyclops

Tuesday, May 24th 2016. | Mythology

One of the unique mythological creatures in ancient Greece is explained on Facts about Cyclops. Actually it was recognized in Roman mythology. A Cyclops is depicted with an eye located at the forehead.  The name of this creature is Cyclops because it is associated with a circle eyed or round eyed. It is included as a part of a race of giants. Check other interesting facts about Cyclops below:

Facts about Cyclops 1: the famous Cyclopes

Some of the famous Cyclopes are Arges, Steropes and Brontes. They were depicted by Hesiod. Their mother was Gaia, while the father was Uranus. The Titans are their brothers.

Facts about Cyclops 2: the sons of Poseidon

Poseidon is god of sea. It was narrated that Poseidon also had Cyclopes as his sons. It was described by Homer. He was famous as an epic poet. Others who talked about Cyclops were Virgil, Theocritus and Euripides. The latter one was a playwright, while the other two were poet. Find facts about Cupid here.

Cyclop pic

Cyclop pic

Facts about Cyclops 3: Zeus and Cyclops

There was a story about Cyclops and Zeus. There were three Cyclopes imprisoned in the dark pit of Tartarus.  The gods were capable for defeating the Titans after the three Cyclopes gave Poseidon a trident, Hades a helmet of invisibility and Zeus a thunderbolt.

Facts about Cyclops 4: Homer’s Odyssey

Cyclops Polyphemus and the hero Odysseus meet each other in a notable episode of Odyssey by Homer. The Cyclops’ mother was Thoosa, while his father was Poseidon. Get facts about Cronus here.

Cyclop Pictures

Cyclop Pictures

Facts about Cyclops 5: another group of Cyclops

Seven Lycian Cyclopes were included in another group of Cyclops based on the description of Strabo. Due to their handicraft, the group was called Bellyhands.

Facts about Cyclops 6: the presence of Bellyhands

Bellyhands were amazing builder. They established a cyclopean used to call labyrinths located close to Nauplia. The caverns and walls of Tiryns were created by Bellyhands too.

Facts about Cyclops

Facts about Cyclops

Facts about Cyclops 7: Cyclops Polyphemus and literature

Cyclops Polyphemus was always depicted living in an island inhabited by other Cyclopes in various literature sources. The ancient author believed that Sicily was the island depicted in the story.

Facts about Cyclops 8: blinded act

Odysseus plunged a stake into one eye of Polyphemus to blind him. Thus, he had one left eye.



Facts about Cyclops 9: The primordial giants

The primordial giants of Cyclops were Arges the bright, Sterope the lightning and Brontes the thunderer.

Facts about Cyclops 10: the characters

Cyclops has the stubborn and strong characters based on Hesiod’s description.



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