10 Facts about Cygnus

Friday, May 27th 2016. | Astronomy

The readers who want to know more about the northern constellation located on the plane of Milky Way look at Facts about Cygnus. The name of this constellation means swan. It is the Latinized Greek word. In the northern summer and autumn, people can easily recognize this swan constellation. The Northern Cross is the most identifiable feature. The term is used to call the notable asterism in Cygnus. Check other interesting facts about Cygnus below:

Facts about Cygnus 1: Ptolemy

Ptolemy was one of the famous astronomers in the second century. He created a list which contained 48 constellations. Cygnus was one of them. In the modern list, there are 88 constellations and Cygnus is still one of them.

Facts about Cygnus 2: Deneb

One of the brightest stars in Cygnus is Deneb. One of the largest recognized stars till today is NML Cygni. Get facts about Curiosity Rover here.

Facts about Cygnus

Facts about Cygnus

Facts about Cygnus 3: Cygnus X-1

Have you ever heard about Cygnus X-1? It is also included in the Cygnus Constellation.

Facts about Cygnus 4: the Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall

The Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall dominates the eastern region of Cygnus constellation. In the universe, this structure is considered as the largest one. Most areas in the northern sky are filled with this structure. Find facts about Cosmos here.

Cygnus Pictures

Cygnus Pictures

Facts about Cygnus 5: Greek mythology and Cygnus

There were several legendary swans associated with Cygnus in the Greek mythology. Leda was a wife of Spartan king Tyndareus. She was seduced by Zeus disguised as a swan. Then Leda gave birth to Clytemnestra, Helen of Troy and Gemini.

Facts about Cygnus 6: Orpheus

After Orpheus was killed, he was turned into a swan.  The myth also believed that he was put next to Lyra in the sky.

Cygnus Pic

Cygnus Pic

Facts about Cygnus 7: Phaethon

Phaethon is famous in the Greek mythology because of the tragic story. Phaethon was the son of Helios. He wanted to ride the chariot of his father for one day. Zeus used his thunderbolt to destroy the chariot after Phaethon could not control it. Therefore, Phaethon and the chariot struck into river Eridanus.

Facts about Cygnus 8: Cycnus

Cycnus was the brother of Phaethon. He was deeply sad and tried to give Phaethon an appropriate burial by collecting his bones in the river.

Cygnus Images

Cygnus Images

Facts about Cygnus 9: the devotion of Cygnus

The gods were deeply touched by the devotion of Cygnus to his brother, Phaethon. Therefore, he was placed in the sky and was transformed into a swan.

Facts about Cygnus 10: Ovid’s Metamorphoses

The name Cygnus was given to three people based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses.  They were turned into swans.

Cygnus Facts

Cygnus Facts

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