10 Facts about Cylinders

Friday, May 27th 2016. | Mathematics

Facts about Cylinders present the interesting information about a geometric shape. The word cylinder is taken from the Greek word kulindros. The meaning is tumbler or roller. The geometric shape of cylinder   has the basic curvilinear form. Since the age of antiquity, the ancient people had already recognized the presence of cylinder. Let’s check other interesting facts about cylinders below:

Facts about Cylinders 1: the cylinder base

If you think that the shape of cylinder base is in flat face, you are wrong. It has the curved surfaces.

Facts about Cylinders 2: cylinder and prism

What do you think about a prism and a cylinder? Actually both are not polygons because the two bases of cylinder and prism are circles. Therefore, cylinder is related to prism.



Facts about Cylinders 3: the sides of cylinder

Look at the sides of cylinder carefully. They are not flat, but the sides have curved shapes.

Facts about Cylinders 4: a cone

You can spot a circular base on a cone. Moreover, it also has a vertex. If you think that it is a base, you are wrong.

Cylinders Pic

Cylinders Pic

Facts about Cylinders 5: is it a type of prism?

Even though cylinder and prism share similarities, it is not included as a type of prism. The parallelograms are used to identify prism’s sides. The sides of cylinder are not made of parallelograms, but from tub shaped sides.

Facts about Cylinders 6: a three dimension figures

Some of the three dimensional figures include spheres, cones and cylinders.



Facts about Cylinders 7: the examples of cylinder in the real world

Can you mention some objects in the real world which represent the shape of a cylinder? Those include a can of soup, a container of Pringles and a pop can.

Facts about Cylinders 8: a type of 3-dimension shape

In geometry, cylinder is a type of a 3 dimensional shape. The bottom and top parts are in circular shape. Check facts about binary code here.

Colorful Cylinders

Colorful Cylinders

Facts about Cylinders 9: the volume

The people can measure the volume of cylinder. It will tell you the amount of space inside the cylinder. You will need the information related to the radius as well as the height of a cylinder if you want to measure the volume.

Facts about Cylinders 10: the surface of cylinder

Besides the volume, the people can also measure the surface area of a cylinder. You need to know the radius and height of a cylinder to find out the information related to the entire surface area. Find facts about coordinate plane here.

Colorful Cylinder Pic

Colorful Cylinder Pic

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