10 Facts about Cymbals

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One of the common percussion instruments is explained on facts about cymbals. The alloys are used to create this thin and round plate instrument. If you play cymbals, you will know that most of them have the indefinite pitch. But the definite one can be spotted on the ancient designed cymbals. Let’s check other interesting facts about cymbals below:

Facts about Cymbals 1: the usage of cymbals

Cymbals are considered as one of the most popular types of musical instruments in the world. There is no need to wonder that it is played in marching bands, heavy metal bands, jazz bands, orchestras and percussion ensembles.

Facts about Cymbals 2: drum and cymbals

Drum is another popular musical instrument in the world. Do you know that a pair of hi-hat cymbals is incorporated in the drum?

Facts about Cymbals

Facts about Cymbals

Facts about Cymbals 3: the player

Use the term cymbalist to call a person who plays cymbals.

Facts about Cymbals 4: the word cymbals

The word cymbal is taken from the Latin word, cymbalum.  The meaning of cymbalum is bowl or cup.

Cymbals Pic

Cymbals Pic

Facts about Cymbals 5: cymbals in orchestral scores

The indication of cymbals in the orchestral scores can be seen from the presence of Spanish platillos, German Becken, French cymbals or even Italian piatti.

Facts about Cymbals 6: the presence of cymbals

The presence of cymbals can be traced back since the ancient era. The existence can be seen from the paintings or reliefs in ancient Greece, Assyria, Larsa, Hittite Anatolia, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt and Babylon. During the third and fourth century AD, cymbals were introduced from Central Asia to China.

Cymbals Images

Cymbals Images

Facts about Cymbals 7: the presence of cymbals in other countries

In 14th century, the Turkish janissaries used cymbals. The European music was employed in cymbals in 17th century. In the mid 18th century, the military bands and orchestras also employed cymbals. Get facts about Cuban music here.

Facts about Cymbals 8: the development of cymbals

Cymbals have been developed from year to year because it gains increased importance. Therefore, you can find out a lot of cymbals in different hardware, techniques, and shapes.



Facts about Cymbals 9: the measurement

The diameter is used to measure cymbals. It is defined in centimeter or inch.  The people who want louder sound should pick the larger cymbals. The thickness of cymbals is seen from the weight. Get facts about Cumbia here.

Facts about Cymbals 10: the thin and thick cymbals

The thin and thick cymbals have different sound. The faster response, lower pitch and fuller sound characterize the thin cymbals. The better stick articulation and louder volume are spotted on the heavier cymbals.

Cymbal Players

Cymbal Players

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