10 Facts about Cynophobia

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If you want to know the fear of dogs, check Facts about Cynophobia. It is included as a part of animal phobias because it is specifically addressed to the fear of dog. There are many types of phobias which have been identified by the experts and the animal phobias are considered as the common ones. Some of them are afraid of dogs and cats. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Cynophobia below:

Facts about Cynophobia 1: the other types of phobias

Besides being afraid of dogs and cats, some people are afraid of spiders and snakes. However, the fear of dogs is devastating due to the high number of dogs in the world. In 2003, there were around 62 million dogs.

Facts about Cynophobia 2: treatment

Cynophobia can be treated by seeking a help from the professional people. There are only 12 percent to 30 percent people who try to get such help.

Cynophobia Pictures

Cynophobia Pictures

Facts about Cynophobia 3: Cynophobia in Singapore

In Singapore, Cynophobia is very common to be spotted on the Malay people.

Facts about Cynophobia 4: the symptoms of Cynophobia

There are several symptoms of Cynophobia which can be used to diagnose it. The person has an immediate anxiety response when being exposed to the dog. He or she also develops the persistent fear of dogs.

Cynophobia Pic

Cynophobia Pic

Facts about Cynophobia 5: the panic attacks

The panic attacks also occur when a person with Cynophobia is being exposed to a dog. It can be seen from the difficulty of breathing, trembling, sweating, dizziness, palpitation, nausea, faintness, and urge to escape and dry mouth.

Facts about Cynophobia 6: the avoidance

The people who develop Cynophobia will try to avoid the presence of dogs. They will avoid the family’s or friend’s homes with dogs or even cross the street to avoid dogs.

Cynophobia Facts

Cynophobia Facts

Facts about Cynophobia 7: the beginning of animal phobia

The beginning of animal phobia can be during childhood. It is prevalent at the age of 5 to 9 years old. Get facts about cats and dogs here.

Facts about Cynophobia 8: female and male

It seems that Cynophobia is also determined by sex.  It is less common to spot on males than females.  Women occupy around 75 percent to 90 percent of the patients who report the this phobia.



Facts about Cynophobia 9: the development of Cynophobia

The instructional experience, observational experience and direct personal experience are included in the condition where Cynophobia might develop. Find facts about Courage the Cowardly Dog here.

Facts about Cynophobia 10: the direct personal experience

The experience of being bitten by a dog can be a direct personal experience which leads into the development of Cynophobia.

Facts about Cynophobia

Facts about Cynophobia

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