10 Facts about Cyprus

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Let me show you some interesting Facts about Cyprus. It is located off the coasts of Turkey and Syria. This island country has the official name Republic of Cyprus. Since 1st May 2004, Cyprus has been a member state of European Union. In the Mediterranean Sea, it is called as the 3rd most populous island and third largest island.

Facts about Cyprus 1: the brief history of Cyprus

In 10th millennium BC, the historians had recognized the first human activity in Cyprus. This island country features several world’s oldest water wells. The village of Khirokitia is well preserved. It is the archaeological Neolithic remain in the country.

Facts about Cyprus 2: the British administration

In 1878, Cyprus Convention was applied which made this island country under the administration of Britain. In 1914, the formal annexation of Cyprus took place. Check facts about Curacao here.

Facts about Cyprus

Facts about Cyprus

Facts about Cyprus 3: tourism in Cyprus

Tourism in Cyprus is flourished. People love to come here due to the beauty and warm climate of Mediterranean Sea. There is no need to wonder that the local people live well. It has high human development index and high income.

Facts about Cyprus 4: the climate in Cyprus

The subtropical climate is spotted in Cyprus. The summer season can be warm to hot. The winter season is mild. Therefore, people like to live here. During the summer season, people enjoy the dry weather, while the rain is mainly spotted during the winter season. Find facts about Cuba here.



Facts about Cyprus 5: Troodos Mountains

The central part of Cyprus features Troodos Mountains. It is likely to spot snow at the mountains.

Facts about Cyprus 6: the culture of Turkish Cypriots

Islam and Turkey affect the development of culture in Turkish Cypriots. On the other hand, Christianity and Greece affect the development of Greece Cypriots.

Cyprus Images

Cyprus Images

Facts about Cyprus 7: the popular festival

One of the most popular festivals in Cyprus is Limassol Carnival Festival. You can spot it at Limassol.

Facts about Cyprus 8: the art

The art in Cyprus was dated back around 10,000 year ago. You can spot various kinds of churches and religious paintings here.

Cyprus Facts

Cyprus Facts

Facts about Cyprus 9: the architecture

During the Latin domination in 1191 until 1571, Cyprus received the Italian Renaissance and French Gothic influences reflected on Cypriot architecture.

Facts about Cyprus 10: the music in Cyprus

Greek Laïka scene affects the popular music in the country. The Turkish, Greek, and Arabic music styles influence the development traditional folk music.

Cyprus Beauty

Cyprus Beauty

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