10 Facts about Cyrus McCormick

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Let me show you the interesting information about the famous American inventor on Facts about Cyrus McCormick. He was born on 15th February 1809 and died on 13th May 1884. He established McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. In 1902, it was included in International Harvester Company. He and his family members became some of the notable people in Chicago even though they were from Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Here are other interesting facts about McCormick to note:

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 1: the inventor

McCormick took the credit for inventing a mechanical reaper.  Actually the base of his work was from other inventors like from the American, Scottish and Roman people.

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 2: the patents

After the invention, he earned the patents.  It contributed a lot to develop, increase the sales and market the products of his company.

Facts about Cyrus McCormick

Facts about Cyrus McCormick

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 3: the parents of McCormick

His mother was Mary Ann Hall. His father was Robert McCormick, Jr. He was an inventor. There were 8 kids in the family and he was the first one. McCormick was born in Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 4: the patent of a mechanical reaper

The patent of a mechanical reaper was filed by the father of McCormick after he saw the potential. He was not able to generate a reliable version of a mechanical reaper after working for 28 years.

Cyrus McCormick Pic

Cyrus McCormick Pic

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 5: the function of a mechanical reaper

The mechanical reaper was an important invention for it was used to harvest grain.

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 6: the project

The project was taken by Cyrus. He continued the project of his father in the plantation of his family. The enslaved African American, Jo Anderson helped him with the project.

Cyrus McCormick facts

Cyrus McCormick facts

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 7: the demonstration

One of his first demonstrations of his invented mechanical reaper was performed in 1831 in Virginia.

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 8: patents of McCormick’s invention

On 21 June 1834, McCormick got his patent on the machine. He stated that he only needed 18 months to create the concluding version. Find facts about Cornel West here.

Cyrus McCormick Painting

Cyrus McCormick Painting

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 9: the sale

There was no sale of on the mechanical reaper. It was due to the fact that the various conditions could not be covered by the machine. Find facts about Crazy Horse here.

Facts about Cyrus McCormick 10: the improvement

On 31 January 1845, he was granted with the second patent for the improved mechanical reaper.

Cyrus McCormick Images

Cyrus McCormick Images

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