10 Facts about Cystic Hygroma

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If you want to know about congenital multiloculated lymphatic lesion, look at the following explanation on Facts about Cystic Hygroma. People also call this disease as macrocystic lymphatic malformation or cystic lymphangioma. Cystic Hygroma is most common to spot on the armpits and neck. But it can affect any kinds of body parts.

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 1: Cystic Hygroma

The people who have Cystic Hygroma will have lymphangioma. You can find a water fluid used in the lymphatic system circulation inside the large cyst like cavities. The fluid is called lymph.

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 2: the microscopic look

The lymph is located in the multiple locules if you check Cystic Hygroma microscopically. The size of locules is large. Find facts about CTE here.

Cystic Hygroma Facts

Cystic Hygroma Facts

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 3: who are affected by Cystic Hygroma?

Cystic Hygroma is hardly seen during the adulthood. It mostly presents on kids.

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 4: the term

Cystic Hygroma is often called as lymphatic malformation in the medical field. The people pick the latter term because water tumor is the meaning of Cystic Hygroma. Get facts about Cri Du Cat here.

Cystic Hygroma Pic

Cystic Hygroma Pic

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 5: Lymphatic malformation

It is more common for the people to use the term Lymphatic malformation than Cystic Hygroma because this condition is associated with abnormal growth of sponge like collection.  The lymphatic fluid fills the channel or cyst.

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 6: the types of lymphatic malformations

Lymphatic malformations are divided in two types. The small cysts are called microcystic. The large cysts are called macro cystic lymphatic malformations.

Cystic Hygroma Baby

Cystic Hygroma Baby

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 7: the condition of the patients with Cystic Hygroma

The condition of the patients with Cystic Hygroma is various. They may experience the micro and macro lymphatic malformations at the same time. Or they only develop one type of lymphatic malformation.

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 8: the association

Cystic Hygroma is usually linked with various syndromes and conditions such as Noonan syndrome, fetal hydrops, nuchal lymphangioma and Turner syndrome.

Facts about Cystic Hygroma

Facts about Cystic Hygroma

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 9: Cowchock Wapner Kurtz syndrome

You have to be careful if Cystic Hygroma is developed into Cowchock Wapner Kurtz syndrome. It is considered as the lethal version.

Facts about Cystic Hygroma 10: the most common symptom

The abnormal neck growth is considered as the most common symptom of Cystic Hygroma. The prenatal ultrasonography will be used to diagnose whether a person is affected with Cystic Hygroma or not. Actually the lump can be seen not only on the neck but also on the tongue, cheek, and mouth.

Cystic Hygroma

Cystic Hygroma

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