10 Facts about Cytokinesis

Monday, May 30th 2016. | Biology

If you are interested to know the process in the cell division, check Facts about Cytokinesis. The word Cytokinesis is derived from the Greek words. It means container and motion. Cytokinesis is characterized by the division of cytoplasm of single eukaryotic cells to establish 2 daughter cells.  The process of Cytokinesis is sometimes spotted during meiosis. During the end stages of mitosis, people usually spot this process. Let’s check other interesting facts about Cytokinesis below:

Facts about Cytokinesis 1: the function of Cytokinesis

Cytokinesis is very important during the cell division for it upholds the number of chromosome between generations in the future.

Facts about Cytokinesis 2: the daughter cells

There are two daughter cells produced after the Cytokinesis.  Both of them are the copies of the original cells.

Facts about Cytokinesis

Facts about Cytokinesis

Facts about Cytokinesis 3: prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

Cytokinesis only occurs in Eukaryotic cells. The process of binary fission in the prokaryotic cells is not similar with Cytokinesis.

Facts about Cytokinesis 4: oogenesis

Oogenesis is considered as an exception of Cytokinesis. It occurs in animal cells. The process of oogenesis occurs when the ovarian follicle of the ovary creates an ovum. Almost all cytoplasm and organelles are taken by the ovum.

Cytokinesis Pictures

Cytokinesis Pictures

Facts about Cytokinesis 5: what happens during Cytokinesis?

After mitosis, the process of Cytokinesis takes places. The cell will be divided in two. At the opposite poles of cells, you can find two nuclei.

Facts about Cytokinesis 6: the cytoplasm of the original cell

The original cell has the liquid center called as cytoplasm. During the process of Cytokinesis, it will be divided in two equal halves. Then two daughter cells will be formed after Cytokinesis.

Cytokinesis Pic

Cytokinesis Pic

Facts about Cytokinesis 7: the occurrence of Cytokinesis

The process of Cytokinesis is usually spotted in mitosis and meiosis I and II in the starting process of anaphase. This process of division will be continued in telophase. Get cell facts here.

Facts about Cytokinesis 8: Cytokinesis in plants

Cytokinesis is not only occurred in animal cells, but also in plants. But both have different process of Cytokinesis. The process of Cytokinesis in plant occurs during the end of anaphase and all the way through telophase.

Cytokinesis Images

Cytokinesis Images

Facts about Cytokinesis 9: the difference of between the animal cells and plant cells

The animal cells and plant cells are totally different because the cell wall of plants cannot move apart.

Facts about Cytokinesis 10: the split

In animal cells, the cell membrane splits. In the plant cells, the cell wall splits. Find facts about cell organelles here.

Cytokinesis Facts

Cytokinesis Facts

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