10 Facts about Cytoplasm

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Facts about Cytoplasm talk about the content inside cell membrane. It has the gel like texture called as cytosol and the internal substructure of cells called organelles. Cytoplasm in prokaryote organism has all contents of the cells. Cytoplasm has colorless look. The water occupies 80 percent of the content of cytoplasm. Cytoplasm will be called as nucleoplasm after the contents are separated in the eukaryotic cells. Get other facts about cytoplasm below:

Facts about Cytoplasm 1: the activities which occur in cytoplasm

There are several activities which occur in cytoplasm. The cell division like Cytokinesis is conducted here.  The process of glycolysis also takes place in cytoplasm.

Facts about Cytoplasm 2: the parts of cytoplasm

The ectoplasm or the cell cortex is used to define the outer layer of cytoplasm. The endoplasm is used to called the concentrated inner area.

Cytoplasm Facts

Cytoplasm Facts

Facts about Cytoplasm 3: the metabolic process

The metabolic process is very important in all living organisms.  The sign of the metabolic process can be seen from the calcium ions which move in and out of cytoplasm.

Facts about Cytoplasm 4: cytoplasmic streaming

When you study plants, it is important for you to note about cytoplasmic streaming. This term is used to define the movement of cytoplasm around vacuoles.

Cytoplasm Pictures

Cytoplasm Pictures

Facts about Cytoplasm 5: the physical properties

The experts are still in debate about the physical properties of cytoplasm. They still try to find out about the movement of particles which pass cytoplasm without any changes on the structure of the cell.

Facts about Cytoplasm 6: cell signaling

One of the main functions of cytoplasm is cell signaling. It will be hard for larger molecules to move in and out without an aid through cytoplasm. On the other hand, the smaller molecules easily move in and out.

Cytoplasm Parts

Cytoplasm Parts

Facts about Cytoplasm 7: a sol gel like structure

The experts observe that cytoplasm works like a sol gel structure. Sometimes, it behaves like an integrated network. On the other hand, it may also work like a sol or colloidal solution. Check facts about cell structure and function here.

Facts about Cytoplasm 8: cytoplasm like a glass

Cytoplasm also behaves like a glass. It works like a solid glass due to the high concentration of cytoplasm components.

Cytoplasm Images

Cytoplasm Images

Facts about Cytoplasm 9: the elements of cytoplasm

The inclusions, organelles, and cytosol are the three major elements inside cytoplasm. Look at cell wall facts here .

Facts about Cytoplasm 10: the volume of cytosol

The volume of cytosol occupies around 70 percent in cytoplasm.

Facts about Cytoplasm

Facts about Cytoplasm

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