10 Facts about Czar Nicholas II

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Facts about Czar Nicholas II inform the readers with the last of emperor of Russia. He was born on 18th May 1868 and died on 17th July 1918. He became the emperor of Russian from November 1st, 1894. He had to release his title on March 15th 1917. He was forcibly abdicated. The Imperial Russia ended up in his reign. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Czar Nicholas II below:

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 1: the political enemies

Czar Nicholas II had many political enemies. He was called as Nicholas the Bloody. He conducted various actions like execution of political opponents, anti-Semitic pogroms, Russo-Japanese War, violent suppression of the 1905 Revolution, Bloody Sunday and Khodynka Tragedy.

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 2: Russo-Japanese War

During the Russo-Japanese War, he was defeated. The lost in the war affected the influences of Russia on Korea and Manchuria. During the Battle of Tsushima, the Russian Baltic Fleet was annihilated. The South Sakhalin was annexed by Japan.

Czar Nicholas II Facts

Czar Nicholas II Facts

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 3: Russian mobilization

In the end of July 1914, the Russian mobilization was granted approval from Czar Nicholas II. On 1st, August 1914, Germany declared the war to Russia because of the Russian mobilization.

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 4: the World War 1

Russia took part in the First World War. There were around 3.3 million people from Russia killed in the war.

Facts about Czar Nicholas II

Facts about Czar Nicholas II

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 5: the fall of Romanov dynasty

The fall of Romanov dynasty was mainly caused by the unskilled management of war by the High Command and crucial losses of the Imperial Army. Moreover, the Home Front only received small supplies and food.

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 6: the revolution

Czar Nicholas II decided to abdicate his power after the February Revolution in 1917. He was jailed along with his family.

Czar Nicholas II Russia

Czar Nicholas II Russia

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 7: execution

On the night of 16-17 July 1918, the Bolsheviks executed Czar Nicholas II and his family. In 1998, the remains were placed in St. Petersburg.

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 8: Russian Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Church in New York City canonized Czar Nicholas II, his wife and kids as martyrs in 1981. Russian Orthodox Church within Russia considered them as the passion bearer on August 15th, 2006. Look at Cleopatra facts here.

Czar Nicholas II Family

Czar Nicholas II Family

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 9: the discovery of Czar Nicholas II

The discovery site for the body of Czar Nicholas II was located near Sverdlovsk in 1979. Get facts about Cyrus the Great here.

Facts about Czar Nicholas II 10: who discovered the body?

Alexander Avdonin was an amateur archeologist who discovered the bodies of Nicholas, his wife and three of his daughters.

Czar Nicholas II Pictures

Czar Nicholas II Pictures

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