10 Facts about Czech Republic

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Facts about Czech Republic inform the people with a nation state located in Central Europe. It shares border with other countries like Poland to the northeast, Austria to the south and Germany to the west. The people often call this republic as Czechia. This state has temperate continental climate. It spans on the area around 30,450 square miles or 78,886 square km. Let’s check other interesting facts about Czech Republic below:

Facts about Czech Republic 1: the population

There are around 10.5 million people who live in Czech Republic. Prague is the capital city. It is inhabited by 1.2 million people.

Facts about Czech Republic 2: the territories

There are several historical territories included in Czech Republic. Those include Czech Silesia, Moravia and Bohemia.

Czech Republic Facts

Czech Republic Facts

Facts about Czech Republic 3: the formation of Czech state

In the end of nineteenth century, Czech state was established under the Great Moravian Empire as Duchy of Bohemia. Then it was under the rule of Premyslid dynasty after the power was taken from Bohemia from Moravia due to the collapse of empire in 907.

Facts about Czech Republic 4: the dissolved Czechoslovakia

Czechoslovakia dissolved on January 1st, 1993. It became two states of Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Facts about Czech Republic

Facts about Czech Republic

Facts about Czech Republic 5: as a member of international organizations

In 1999, Czech Republic became a member of NATO. In 2004, it joined European Union. Then it became a member of Council of Europe, OSCE, OECD and United Nations.

Facts about Czech Republic 6: the economy

The economy of Czech Republic is great. The people have the high standard of living.  It is one of the developed countries in the world.

Czech Republic Pic

Czech Republic Pic

Facts about Czech Republic 7: peace

In the list of the most peaceful country, it is in the 10th place.  Talking about the democratic governance, it has great democratic performance. Check facts about countries in Europe here.

Facts about Czech Republic 8: the unemployment rate

In European Union, the unemployment rate of Czech Republic is the lowest one. The telecommunication and banks in Czech Republic are privatized.

Czech Republic Images

Czech Republic Images

Facts about Czech Republic 9: the official currency

Czech crown is considered as the official currency of Czech Republic. When the country decided to become a member of European Union, it had to change their official currency. However, the date for changing the currency has not been confirmed. Find facts about Croatia here.

Facts about Czech Republic 10: the scientists

There are several scientists who have worked and lived in Czech. The inventor of the first grounded lightning rod was Václav Prokop Diviš living in the land. Others were Josef Hlavka, Jan Marek Marci and Bernard Bolzano.

Czech Republic Beauty

Czech Republic Beauty

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